Oh. My. God. (with extremely naughty, but not nekkid, boy pic)

I almost missed National Orgasm Day! Which was today! Thank God I visited the Ellora’s Cave site to check out what’s new in m/m hotness!, so I caught it by sixty-six minutes. (Yeah, 69 would’ve been better)  So, enjoy!

I love that this pic from Daventry Blue (at least that’s what the file says) is titled “Bee Sting”. Snort.

Procrastination, Mancandy and a Bare-ish Ass



I’m doing it right now. I mean, yeah, I need to get next week’s posts ready. God knows I’ve been inconsistent about getting them done on time – occasionally they’ve even been done but I haven’t managed to publish them – so it’s not like it’s a total waste of time, but still. It’s not on my to-do list until Sunday, and several other things *are*.

What things, you ask?

  1. Finish my section of Nuriel’s Cougar to send to Sierra. I kinda sorta promised it would be done for an Aug/Sept release, and it would suck big time to not follow through on it. Not to mention I miss the healthy Merab checks. Just sayin’.
  2. Finish my pass on Carrie’s Answer’s edits and get them to our EC editor, so we can get that baby locked and loaded. I’m not big on large edits (I believe I did a post on this – My Baby Isn’t Perfect), and this set is going waaaaay sloooow for me.
  3. Fix the formatting and double check dialogue tags on Daniel’s Surrender. Yeah, that’s up there in the do-now pile, cuz until it’s done, we can’t send it in to get started.
  4. We won’t even discuss the fact that I’ve got not one, not two, but THREE solo WIPs, plus two more concepts that are pretty much time-lined out and ready to be birthed. I can’t even look at those until my “Violet” commitments are up to date.

But instead of doing any of those, I’m doing this. Why? I think that the more urgent stuff stresses me out, even as I’m working on it. It’s *so* good to know you’re done and get that feeling of accomplishment, but the doing is being kinda rough on me for some reason. It reminds me of how my mom would have to stop at the intense parts of a book and take a break to clear her head and catch her breath. Or how, when I was a kid, I’d have to walk away from super emotional or scary parts of a movie to settle my mind before moving on.

Anyway, my mind is now about as clear and settled as a whirlpool full of mud, but I’ve gotta suck it up and get back to work.

Maybe after I set up next week’s ManCandy post…

Wrote this puppy back in June – clearly the whole procrastination thing didn’t get any better because with the exception of #2, I haven’t really accomplished any of them.

Okay, I’m actually at the NEXT part of Nuriel that needs my input, so that’s kinda progress. And I did actually finish ONE of the three solo’s I had started, so that’s BIG progress (now waiting on betas and crit’s). So, maybe it’s not as grim as it seems. I guess.

I think, though, this calls for extra eye candy!

This is another one that reminds me of Melting, thought there’s no harness and chains in the story. There is, however, a naked submissive on his belly. And, OMG, the ink on this dude!



Watched baseball with the Old Man yesterday. Mmmm…

Random Review

So, this isn’t a new book, nor even one I read recently, but I was on Goodreads and realized it was on my “to-be-read” shelf, so I thought I’d move it to “read”, and the review just sorta grew from there. There are some vague spoilers – nothing plot-wise, but definitely some stuff content-wise, if that makes any sense. Anyway, here it is:

  “Special Forces: Soldiers Part I -Director’s Cut” by Aleksandr_Voinov

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Beware vague spoilers – nothing specific, but some general info is provided.

I love the Special Forces stories – thousands of pages of angst and love against all odds; what’s   not to love? At the same time, the later installments gave me some (even several) disappointed, or at least uncomfortable moments. Ironically, those moments were more about tenderness than pain, thus the fact they came in the later parts of the saga.

Vadim and Dan start so violently, with such hatred, that at first I wondered how Voinov could possibly make a couple of them. In fact, this was my first experience with Voinov’s writing, so I wasn’t particularly expecting it to be a “romance.” And it’s not – at least not by conventional standards. It’s brutal and grim and shows the uglier side of war, but it’s also a triumph of the human spirit, and the soul’s capacity to grow and to ultimately transcend its own flaws.

By the end of this first installment, Voinov has begun an amazing journey for both that makes their rock-solid commitment to each other completely believable. Dan, while still the happy-go-lucky, flirtatious stud, has tapped a dark and dangerous well of the soul. But it’s Vadim who truly evolves. He begins the story as a thug, but by the end he’s discovered layers of tenderness and compassion that surprise him even more than the reader. He makes me ache.

I’ll admit that Soldiers is my favorite of the trio, mostly because I’m a fan of the monogamy, and Dan’s relationship with Jean in the later books is far to intimate, loving and enduring – and Vadim’s discomfort with it is too consistent – for my comfort level. That said, those are personal preferences, and won’t bother many or even most readers at all. I mention that here because Soldiers ends with a “cliffhanger,” and once you’ve finished it you’ll NEED to move on to Mercenaries.

Read it. Think about it. Like you’ll have any choice. Then share what you think.

They’re Baaaack!

Yes, indeed. It’s “my” weekend with my beautiful Goddaughter, and the precious dear brought 5 or more of her closest friends with her. Very close, indeed, as they were CRAWLING AROUND HER FREAKIN’ SCALP!!!!

After two weeks, multiple applications of RID (on MY hair, she never even got her second application!), my home is once again invaded. She rushed into my bedroom an hour ago breathless and frantic and whimpering “I felt a bug!” So I did my best to stretch a third a bottle of RID over her yards of very thick hair, she spent the ten minutes marinating time picking dead bugs out, putting them on a piece of toilet paper, then sticking it in an envelope to show her mother. You know, the one who didn’t do her second application.

I actually DID order the Genisis stuff you recommended, Lori, it just hasn’t come yet. My friend in Houston ordered it, too, and LOVES it. Especially the pink stuff, as her child also has acres of hair that’s just about the same color as the eggs.

Oh. My. God.

It never ends!

(Yes, this is me venting. My alternative was driving to her mother’s house and dropping her on the doorstep on my way to the all night laundry for the comforters.)

Air Conditioning & Online Shopping

So, we’re over 90 degrees by ten AM in the lovely, sweltering D.  Mom’s got no air, so 45 minutes online and six phone calls later I’ve secured the ONLY $99 air conditioner left in the state of Michigan!  Thank God for online purchasing!

Being Powerless

I mean literally, not figuratively.

Fifteen minutes of rain and one clap of thunder on Monday led to 36 blissful (not!) hours with no power.

Yes, we had the generator, which was a Godsend, but because of power surges I had no computer.

No. Computer.

When the power finally came on late last night, the old man actually laughed at me because I was checking my email (over 200 unread – dayam!) before he even got the generator turned off.

You just don’t appreciate central air and yahoo until they’re gone.