They’re Baaaack!

Yes, indeed. It’s “my” weekend with my beautiful Goddaughter, and the precious dear brought 5 or more of her closest friends with her. Very close, indeed, as they were CRAWLING AROUND HER FREAKIN’ SCALP!!!!

After two weeks, multiple applications of RID (on MY hair, she never even got her second application!), my home is once again invaded. She rushed into my bedroom an hour ago breathless and frantic and whimpering “I felt a bug!” So I did my best to stretch a third a bottle of RID over her yards of very thick hair, she spent the ten minutes marinating time picking dead bugs out, putting them on a piece of toilet paper, then sticking it in an envelope to show her mother. You know, the one who didn’t do her second application.

I actually DID order the Genisis stuff you recommended, Lori, it just hasn’t come yet. My friend in Houston ordered it, too, and LOVES it. Especially the pink stuff, as her child also has acres of hair that’s just about the same color as the eggs.

Oh. My. God.

It never ends!

(Yes, this is me venting. My alternative was driving to her mother’s house and dropping her on the doorstep on my way to the all night laundry for the comforters.)



  1. OMG!! I can’t believe that they’re back. I would hope that her mom would take the weekend to bag, boil, and spray everything.
    It is a tough battle, maybe the evidence will help convince her just how serious it is. Or, then again, maybe once she is infected and scratching…….
    Good Luck and I am glad that your Houston friend is enjoying the products. You’ll love then when you get them. I also used the pink stuff on my daughters brown hair. It does help id those little suckers, especially if you have difficulty seeing those little nits, even with my glasses.
    Regards, Lori

    • The thing that gets me is that last Sunday “Mom” and I had a loooong talk about how I knew I’d missed some eggs, and I was sure there were little baby lousies just waiting to hatch. And she said she’d get the stuff. Garrrrrgh!

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