A Day Late… And a Dollar Short… And a Bare Butt!!

But then, I do ::everything:: short. Can’t help it. My growth stalled at 5′ 3/4″. And, dammit, I claim that 3/4 inch!

So, the power’s been out. Again. I’m starting to count on it every time I see a cloud in the sky. Thank God for the generator – I just spent over $200 on groceries for the big fall cook ‘n freeze. Today was fake homemade clam chowder in the crockpot. Yum.

So, in celebration of the lack of power, the yummy clam chowder, and the fact that we had a beautiful day, here’s belated Mancandy!


Maybe if *he* was in my basement, I’d be that happy to do laundry, too!

Maintaining Radio Silence

It’s been a rough week. Probably the roughest of the summer. Which isn’t saying *too* much, as it’s been a pretty good summer over all. Still. I find that, for good or ill, on the rough days/weeks/months I tend to isolate. Read a lot. Sleep even more.  So, I’ve been isolating all week. Written a little, read a lot, slept like the dead. Hoping I’m on the depression upswing…

Comfort Food

Okay, I’m not so much for the comfort food anymore, but there are times a girl just needs the literary equivalent of a hot fudge sundae. That sends me to my KA Mitchell shelf on my Nook. Two summers ago I discovered Mitchell – Chasing Smoke – during a particularly turbulent time, and spent a week of intense insomnia reading everything on her backlist. So, finding myself at the tail end of a particularly turbulent week, with the next one looking equally challenging, I find myself pulling up Diving In Deep on my Nook. It’s a fantastic read, it’s Mitchell, and it’s got baseball. After watching the Tigers almost have a miraculous comeback today against the Oriels, baseball and steamin’ manlove might just make the day less bleak.


And the Drama Keeps A’ Comin’

Thankfully not directly involving me this time. In fact, the worst of the “I hate myself/my life and want to die” is over and done, thank God. I’m chalking it up to POST-ms rather than PMS and moving on…

So, while I’m finally pulling myself together, many of the people in my life whom I love deeply are falling apart. Sigh. This calls for ManCandy.

Borrowed this from GoodReads HJD. Just seems appropriate…

VJ and the horrible, terrible, not good, awful day.

Okay, maybe it wasn’t quite that bad.

But still.

I woke with the kind of headache that is *usually* cured by the second cup of coffee, but today was oddly resistant. Like, hours later I was still massaging my forehead.

Then the work stuff. Not my EDJ, thank God, or I’d most likely be contemplating taking the whole bottle of Clonipin rather than just half a tablet. But, still. The kind of stuff that reminds me of why I always say I’d be best off either on a desert island with nothing but my laptop, my Nook, and a reliable power source. *Then* the double edged sword of critique. It was most definitely stuff I needed to hear, but on top of the day… Well, I wish I’d heard it yesterday. Or tomorrow. Now I’m waiting on tenterhooks for the other three to come back. Do I suck? Everything today has conspired to tell me my writing sucks…

Of course there’s been good stuff. One of the on-line jobs is looking extremely promising – and looking to start before the end of the week. Nuriel is a hair away from being finished. The “stuff” today derailed me a bit, but I’m hoping to finish it tomorrow. I’m extremely happy with where it’s at – just got some voodoo on the wedding night, to finish the final scene, and to re-write a page or two that somehow got sucked into Yahell.

Sigh. Cue the violin chorus. And I’d like medium cheddar and cracked pepper crackers with that whine, thank you very much.

Cowboys & Aliens

With a title like that, it either had to be amazing… or amazingly BAD. But then, put Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford in a movie together, and it almost doesn’t matter whether or not it sucks. Not with all that eye candy!

I’m not sure if you can appreciate the full yummy-deliciousness of Daniel Craig’s ass in the movie poster, so here’s another view:

Of course, the front view isn’t too shabby, either. And, I gotta say, who knew such an odd looking man could be SO FUCKING HOT?!?! And it just made him hotter, IMO, when all the “Daniel Craig was spotted macking on some dude in the parking lot of a gay bar” stuff came out (pun SO intended!).

Yep. Cowboys & Aliens. It was a good day…

Oh – and I did mention Harrison Ford’s in it, too, right?

**I’ll say also that, for a movie called Cowboys & Aliens, it was surprisingly good – there was some actual emotional depth and some painfully funny moments, and whatever critic it was who said their only complaint was that Craig and Ford didn’t share more screen time was spot on, cuz their chemistry was off da hook!**