X-Men First Class (and the desire to write Slash)

**I actually *did* write this post on Thursday, and thought I’d published it… Somehow, not so much! Eep!


I have a tradition with my Godson (who is, holy mother of God 20!) of going to see “comic book” movies at their midnight showing. What with the EDJ and his work/notwork/loaf schedule, not only did we miss the midnight show, but almost missed the run entirely for X-Men First Class.

That would have been tragic.

I would have missed Kevin Bacon.

I LOVE Kevin Bacon.

But worse, I would have missed the very subtly alluded to love affair between Charles and Erik.

A few short years ago, it probably wouldn’t have entered my mind that Erik and Charles were more than good friends. Those were the days PV&B – Pre-Vishous&Butch. Now, I wonder how it could have been anything else.

Note Erik’s wistful gaze. Clearly he’s yearning for something… someONE… he can’t have.

And, again, as Charles faces difficult choices, Erik only has eyes for his “friend.”

Of course, Charles *does* return the sentiments. He’s less tortured about it…

(I’ll mention here that I’ve developed a huge crush on James McAvoy, Charles Xavier. I want to have gay sex with him repeatedly. This is, of course, a problem primarily because I am *not* a gay man – at least in this lifetime – and even if I were, James McAvoy has no idea that I exist.)

It seems I’m not the only one who feels the sexual tension between Erik and Charles. Can’t say where I got this image (because I don’t remember – I looked at THOUSANDS of images because the boys are just that damned pretty), but I share the sentiment:

And that last image leads to my desire to write slash.  Because I’d LOVE to write that, er, loving scene. It would make me *very* happy!

(I’ll note that the many cameos – Wolverine in particular – made a really good movie even better).

So, if you haven’t seen it yet, keep an eye on the dollar shows. It’s worth seeing – maybe even REseeing.


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