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Yeah, I’m not so clear on the time difference, but I AM clear on the fact that the AMAZING, SPECTACULAR, STAR-STUDDED CoP Birthday Bash starts TOMORROW!!!!! See you all there!

Return of the Snark

So, next week I’ll be taking part in the Coffee & Porn birthday celebration. LOVE Coffee. LOVE Porn. Especially love the two of them together! Last week’s snark was from my freebie WIP, at that point titled “One-Off”. But, as boys will do, Rio and Tim decided to be contrary. Tim absolutely *refused* to take Rio home with him, and that killed off my planned dialogue. Bastards. Then Rio had to get all fricking creative, and start calling Tim his Plan B (Plan A being to crawl into a bottle of Absolute), and that killed off my working title.  So. What you’ll find here is the surviving snark after the boys got done disemboweling my story.

To give the set up: Rio’s a player. He basically strolls into Candyland every Friday or Saturday night, hooks up, then moves on. This week he’s set on hooking up with Tim. Unfortunately, LAST week’s hook up isn’t particularly ready for the moving on part of the program, so Rio has to explain the facts of life to him, while hoping he doesn’t scare Tim off in the process… 

“Look—” he paused as a light bulb flashed in his head, “—Colin, I don’t do repeats.” Tim went still against him, and Rio flashed him a cautious look. He supposed it was a good thing to get this out of the way up front. He obviously hadn’t done a very good job of it with Colin, and the idea of Tim trailing him like a puppy was incredibly unappealing. “I don’t do do-overs and I don’t do relationships. I fuck. I get fucked, sometimes, and I move on.”

Colin flushed, eyes snapping and cheeks an angry red. Looking over at Tim, he snarled, “Have fun. He’s a great fuck, but a total asshole otherwise.” With one more glare at Rio, he turned and flounced away. After that little scene, Rio almost wished he was drinking again. At least then he could blame his poor choice in hook-ups on the Absolute.

“So, did that totally fuck my chances with you tonight?” Tim was frowning a little, teeth dug into his lower lip, and Rio really, really hoped the moment wasn’t totally lost.

“You’re looking to hook up,” Tim finally said. Rio nodded. “No dating, no holding hands.”

Rio smirked. “It’s not your hand I want to hold right now, pretty boy.”  Oh, shit. He hadn’t meant for that to slip out, and judging by the way Tim’s eyes narrowed on Rio’s face, if Colin’s little scene hadn’t put a stake in Rio’s plans, his own big mouth had. So he was surprised at Tim’s next question.

“Are you as good a fuck as your little fanboy said?”

“Better,” he said with what he thought was admirable cool.

“Then I guess your chances aren’t what’s gonna get fucked tonight.” Tim shifted a little, rubbing against Rio’s hip and, to Rio’s relief, Tim’s dick was showing some renewed interest.

Rio was way to cool to do a fist pump and victory dance for real, but he was sure as hell doing one in his head.

“I’m Rio,” he said, grinding a bit against the growing bulge digging into his hip. Tim laughed out loud. In the slightly better lighting at the bar, Rio could see they were green, and they were pretty much sparkling.

“I know,” Tim replied. “You’re famous here.”

Yep, Rio thought, a predatory slut. Tim just laughed harder at Rio’s instinctive flinch, and then licked the mouth of his water bottle.

Check out Plan B, and all the other fantastic freebies, every day next week at Coffee & Porn. (I’m coming out – snort – on the same day as a Lynn Flewelling story! Fangirl squeeee!!!!) *And* read more about Rio and Tim in “Liar, Liar”, part of the Goodreads Hot Summer Days Anthology!

Check This Out Soonest

I’ll be here with my freebie “One-Off”, a sort of prequel to my Goodreads Hot Summer Days freebie “Liar, Liar.” My last Saturday Snark gave you a peek.


WIP Snark

Well, with the holiday, I’ve missed the last couple of Saturdays. I’m back, though, with shiny new snark from a shiny new WIP. Last summer I did a free read for the Goodreads “Hot Summer Days” anthology, called Liar, Liar. In it you met Tim and Rio, a couple goth guys who’d had a hook-up a while ago, and were finally ready to admit they both wanted more. A lot of people wanted more of their story, so I’m doing another free read, this one for the Coffee and Porn Anniversary Celebration, that describes their initial hook-up. These boys are a little too snarky for their own good!

“C’mon, Princess.” He couldn’t suppress a little smirk when Tim rolled his eyes.

“Keep it up and I will go all princess on you and kick your arrogant ass out.” As much as Rio didn’t want to believe it, something lurking under the humor in Tim’s eyes hinted that he was serious.

“You don’t wanna do that, though,” he murmured, taking another step, so close now he could feel the heat of Tim’s body. “You want me to stay and take you up on all those promises you were making at the club.” He put his hands on the wall on either side of Tim’s head and balanced there, not quite touching. Tim had tipped his head back to keep eye contact, and it exposed the line of his throat. Rio smothered a little moan at the memory of how that skin tasted, how the faintest, almost soft stubble felt against his tongue. “You want me to fuck you.” He smiled when Tim’s eyes dilated, warm brown almost lost in black. “Dontcha—” he put one hand on the wall by Tim’s head “—Princess?”

He saw the instant Tim gave in; saw it in the slow blink of big brown eyes, in the sinking of teeth into that plush lower lip.

“Bastard.” But Tim was fisting a handful of Rio’s shirt and yanking him down, slamming them together with that strength that kept surprising Rio, so he could call him whatever he wanted.

I know I’ve posted this pic a zillion times (okay, maybe 4 or 5) but I love it just that much, and it captures the mood of the scene so perfectly. So, here’s candy!



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Odd Soundtrack Choices

Who knew the soundtrack for my recalcitrant, dark, angsty, edgy BDSM sequel to Under the Influence would come primarily from Maroon 5’s Hands All Over. I somehow don’t associate Adam Levine with dark, angsty or edgy. But, damn, check out the lyrics!

And, since there’s no official video, even though Adam’s eyecandy, here’s one of my images for the WIP –

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