Binding Ben Snark!

Okay, just to be clear, there is NO PEGGING in the snark. There IS pegging later in the story, and it’s intense and intimate and (I think) pretty damned hot. But it’s in no way snarky.

So. Three years ago Stacey and Ben were hopelessly in love – and were hopelessly hiding their true desires from each other for fear of rejection, which caused the eventual end of their relationship. This (again, kind of a theme for me, apparently) isn’t *exactly* snark. It *is* Ben imagining what he might say if he actually sacked up enough to call Stacey.

Not a day passed that he didn’t think about her, miss her, but he never found the guts to call her.

How did you tell the only woman you ever loved that you wanted her to tie you up and take you?

How many times while they were making love had he wished she would have spanked his ass, slid her finger deep into him and made him even one of the kinky things he’d jacked off thinking about?

Shit, she’d have a stroke!

Back in 2008, when Binding Ben was first published, we got this awesome 4.5 pixie review from Manda at Fallen Angel Reviews:
…BINDING BEN is an evocative study of the need for sexual honesty and truth in love and relationships. The poignant telling of the disintegration of Ben and Stacey’s bond, due to their separate feelings of fear and rejection, was moving. I loved the way Violet Summers (Yeah, that’s me & Sierra) leads us down the road of Ben’s discovery and exploration into the world of submission. It was as if I were right there with him, experiencing the sexual satisfaction, but still missing the sensual peace that provides emotional fulfillment. The joy and pleasure that Ben felt, while spending the evening being dominated by Stacey, (unknown to him) shines out to the reader. Everything about this story is sizzling hot! From the sex, the binding and whipping, the ultimate culmination of Ben’s secret fantasy, and the swirling emotions that flavor the scenes, BINDING BEN delivers an explosion of sure to please action. Sierra Summers and Violet Johnson (VJ Summers, lol) have a top-notch partnership, which produced an excellent story that gives satisfaction on multiple levels.


You can find Binding Ben and it’s companion story, Educating Nadia, for a mind blowing (um, MY mind’s blown) 75 cents each, HERE.

And here’s a hot guy…



Throwback Thursday – with PEGGING!

One of the early BDSM stories Sierra and I was a short for an anthology call from Phaze Books. They were looking for Domme stories, and we’d never written that, so we figured what the heck. Let’s give it a try! We’re both incredibly proud of how Stacey and Ben’s story came out. For a short, it covers a lot of issues – body dismorphia, the difficulty of being honest with your partner about what you need, the journey of personal growth, the courage to face your fears…

Here’s the original cover (I’ll admit, I tinkered and made it slightly more pastel, though we were pretty happy with it as-was – which was much starker and with a lot of red…).

Binding Ben 1


And *here’s* the spanky new cover it got at Ellora’s Cave. Where it’s available NOW. (Remember to scroll down – the books are listed after the bio – ALSO, you’ll notice the Quickie “Educating Nadia”, which is a companion book to Binding Ben. They both entirely stand alone, but Nadia is a lot of fun for you kinky het readers!)


Monday Man (and woman) Candy!

Because my Throwback for this week is for a het story with a Domme and her submissive (also a reunion story – one of my favorite tropes!) I wanted my Mancandy to reflect that. I let my fingers do the walking on Google, and came up with more images than I could choose from. So, you lucky people, I’m going to share them all!

domina w male sub 4 Domina w male sub 1 domina w male sub 2 domina w male sub 3

Three Degrees of Snark

So, this post is later than usual because I was determined to use snark from my antho with Stephanie Hecht and Jackie Nacht, Three Degrees of Heat. But, honestly, my contribution might just rival Amy Lane for Angst & Pain, and there wasn’t much snark to be found. So, instead I’m giving you a bit of my favorite scene in my novella – as a way to help Scotty, the badly abused Omega, begin to recover both physically and emotionally, Axe, Leash Beta, has him shift and takes him out to… play. This was fun to write, and I hope will be fun to read. It isn’t snark, but it’s got the seeds of joy that might just one day allow Scott to let loose his inner snark and give poor Axe a run for his money!

Axe was hard by nature, not cruel, but objective. He had to be, in his role as Enforcer. Axe, the man, was a hardass, but something about Scotty called to the gentleness he hadn’t known he possessed.

Axe, the fox, was another beast altogether. His fox wasn’t burdened with the responsibilities and duties that Axe shouldered as Leash Beta. Axe’s fox had the luxury to be playful, and he was.

Tonight, he turned the full force of that playfulness on the younger, smaller, more vulnerable fox who followed him gingerly as he wound through the trees.
Axe zigged. Then he zagged. He slunk around from behind and nipped the Omega lightly on his flank.
Scotty responded beautifully, giving a little yelp and practically levitating. Axe, having a fine old time, scuttled around him, catching the golden fox’s tail and giving it a tug.

Scotty’s amber-green eyes narrowed, and he cocked his head as he studied Axe as if he were an intriguing—and somewhat scary, as that tiny germ of fear was still in his pretty eyes—puzzle that he had no choice but to solve.

Axe crouched in front of the Omega, his own tail waving like a plume. He would swear he felt the moment the younger fox gave in like a physical touch. All at once, the red-gold fox bared his teeth in what was clearly a playful snarl, and leapt at Axe, barreling into his side in a lunge that would have flattened the Beta if Scotty had had any weight to him. As it was, Axe let himself tumble and roll, coming up facing Scotty and returning the movement. The Omega made a sharp noise, and the game began.

Remember, you can get Three Degrees of Heat at eXtasy Books, HERE.

And hear the terribly brave Wt Prater and Co interview Steph, Jackie and me on W.O.N.’s podcast from last Monday HERE.

Three Degrees of Heat Throwback

It’s been, unbelievably, a good two years since the Three Degrees anthology came out! I learned a ton working w Stephani Hecht and Jackie Nacht, and came to deeply love the world and characters. I like to imagine Axe and Scotty working through Scotty’s issues, and eventually arriving at a place where their Domination and submission is as much a joy for them both as a refuge. It might not happen “on the page”, but I know it will happen.


I’m throwing back to Three Degrees rather than continuing my passive aggressive campaign against 50 Shades of Domestic Violence*, is because Steph, Jackie and I had the great fun of guesting with WT Prater and Jennifer McFarland on Writers Online Network’s blogcast. Listen to it HERE:

It was a new experience for me, and lots of fun – to reconnect with WT, Steph and Jackie, and to get to know Jennifer… An honor and truly a pleasure!



You can find Three Degrees of Heat Here:  at eXtasy Books. Stay tuned Saturday for some Three Degrees snark!

* NOTE: Because when he rescues Scott, the Omega is in a precarious mental state due to his abus at the hands of his sociopathic former Alpha, Axe puts him under a pretty heavy submission 24/7, until Scott comes enough out of his fear to be functional on his own and begin to re-enter society… This is a contrast to Christian Grey, who systematically breaks Ana down, isolates her from everyone but him, and is inconsistent enough to give the most steady, calm person alive an anxiety disorder.

Monday Mancandy! (Suit Porn Edition)

So, in honor of Valentines Day, my Throwback Thursday was about Velvet Valentines. Here’s a glimpse of what Derek might look like on his way to court.

derek 1



True L♡VE’s Snark

In honor of Valentine’s Day, today I’m going to share some snark from one of my Velvet Scenes stories. If you read any of the Worthington stories, you know all about Club Velvet Ice. Our Velvet Scenes stories, Sierra and I revisited Velvet Ice, peeking at the mysterious third floor to see what’s going on.

Velvet Valentines is the story of Derek and Elise – a committed couple well on the way to their HEA until Elise discovers Derek’s secret past as a Dom. Shenanigans ensue as Elise sets out to prove to Derek that she’s not made of glass, and their relationship is stronger than his fear.

velvetvalentines_9781419945151_msr(Best Cover Ever! Thanks, Syneca!)

Snark (Derek has just found out Elise “borrowed” his gold coin and crashed the Valentine’s Bacchanalia. Now he’s desperate to “rescue” her before she gets in over her head. Problem is – how does he get in if she’s got his coin???):
He took the stairs two at a time until he reached the third floor, where a bouncer stood with his arms crossed. A red security shirt took the place of the normal black ones.

He held out his hand. “Coin.”

“Fuck,” Derek growled as he realized that Elise had his coin. “Listen, man, my girlfriend is up there and using my coin. She’s a total novice. I have to get to her before she gets in over her head.”

The bouncer raised a questioning eyebrow at Derek and asked his name. Still eyeing Derek doubtfully, he spoke into his radio. The answer came back after endless seconds and the bouncer moved to the side to allow Derek to pass.

“Glad to see you again, Master Derek.” Sinclair Martin was waiting at the smoked glass doors leading to the play area.

“Dammit, Sin,” Derek gritted out, frustrated by the delay. “Why the fuck did you let her in?” Derek didn’t know what reaction he’d expected, but it hadn’t been for Sin to laugh and slap him on the back.

“Oh, man, you have a lot to learn about loving your woman.”

“There is nothing you can tell me about loving Elise.” Derek just barely kept his anger in check. He wouldn’t accomplish anything beyond wasting more time by punching Sin in his smirking face. “And since when have you become an expert on the subject of love, Master Sin?”

“Since he *fell* in love.” Derek turned his head toward the smooth, feminine voice. A tall voluptuous beauty in a snow-white dress that showcased some truly impressive curves walked up behind Sin and wrapped her arms around his waist.

“I’ll be damned,” Derek murmured. He’d never imagined that Sinclair Martin would be off the market, but from the rock sitting on the woman’s finger, the Dom was well and truly bought and paid for.