Pimpin’ My Books

We’ve got not one but TWO new releases today from Ellora’s Cave! Binding Ben and Educating Nadia are connected by a recurring character (Dom Alex), but both stand alone. They’re both het (though Binding Ben has a Domina and pegging – does that count, lol?), with bbw heroines and hot, sexy men.

Here’re the blurbs:

With luscious curves and a desire to dominate, Stacey Stanton is a masterful Domina with her own pleasure room at a local club. It took three long years for her to become comfortable in her own skin, let alone with her need to Domme, and her silence cost her the relationship with the man of her dreams.

Ben has always wanted to explore his sexually submissive desires, but feared giving in to his needs and opening himself to the experience. That fearfulness ruined his relationship with Stacey. Now, with nothing left to lose, he’s finally ready to man up and explore his submissive self.

When Stacey and Ben meet again in the most unexpected of places, they’ll have to decide once and for all if theirs is a love worth fighting for—especially since they’re fighting their own fears.

Nadia Fleming has always had a bit of a “thing” for her neighbor, Alex Johnson, even though she knows they couldn’t be more wrong for each other. Alex is a professor of romantic literature at the local college, while Nadia barely completed her GED, for heaven’s sake! Resigning herself to remaining just friends doesn’t kill her crush, though, and it just gets worse when she inadvertently opens a package of sex toys destined for his address.

Alex is beyond relieved when his secret life as a Dom is exposed to Nadia. He’s been lusting after his neighbor and best friend forever, and he knows if she’ll just believe in him—and in herself—they could have something really special together. Maybe now, by tying her up, he can release the bonds around her heart and teach her that love isn’t always where we expect it.

They’re not up quite yet, as I’m posting at the butt crack of dawn, but in another couple hours you can find them HERE!