I Can’t EVEN!


Congratulations America, on getting your head out of your… never mind…

Throwback Thursday!

This time last year I started my first Butterfly Garden. See how it’s grown?



And, since it wouldn’t be smutty without an at least partially naked man:


(Please, oh please, come do my… mulching!)


Everyone knows about this, right?


Hurry – there are just a few days left!


Monday ManCandy!!!

Thinking about Native American Legends of Northern Michigan for a Halloween novella… Sigh…




Saturday Snark

This snark is by me, directed *at* me. I mentioned on FB that my former students could tell you that I *want* to be an artist… but I’m not. I keep trying, though!

Painting with a Twist calls this Monet’s Water Lillies. I call it Drunken Jellyfish with Spermatozoa.


(This is what it was *supposed* to look like.)


Yeah. Not so much…

Throwback Thursday

June is for PRIDE

MotorCity PRIDE, 2013

Stephani Hecht, Jackie Nacht,  TA Chase, Deanna Wadsworth & me!0608131222a 0608131503

Monday ManCandy – Suit Porn Edition

So, I had the less than enjoyable task of contacting my legal rep today (guh) and then doing banking for both myself & my mom. None of that is in my top 5 favorite things. So, I figured I’d compensate with a little suit porn!


e1838654b2c558aed78ecbb855aaae15 tumblr_mifn67grv11qi1756o1_250 gaysuitporn-main-image

Sexy Boy Saturday!

So, to celebrate MotorCity PRIDE, 2015, here’s me with the Andrew Christian models in 2013 & 2014. They better watch out – I’m on the prowl for a new picture for my collection!


0608131609 0608141408