Personal and Patriotic Pride!

We live in a “free” nation – note the quotes. But, for all our flaws, in America at least we can step forward and speak out when we see our rights being infringed upon – suppressed, if you will. So, while I have grave misgivings about our political system in *many* areas, and while I am often dumbfounded by the LACK of tolerance my fellow men and women often share, I am intensely grateful to live in a country in which I can voice my misgivings and dumbfounded-ness without fear of retribution.

Oreo Is Love…

Here’s an extra dose of PRIDE! (thanks to Susan who gave me the head’s up)

Real Pride!

(Again, images found in random Google search, no poaching intended)

(OMG – Is This Frickin’ Awesome, or What?)

HOT Pride!


HAIRY Pride!

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Happy Pride, Again!

Happy Pride!