Things I learned in New Orleans, 2

7. There are tiny little unshelled crab-legs (and other parts) in gumbo

6. Beignets and cafe au lait are proof God loves us and wants us to be happy.

(6b. If they come from Cafe du Monde, they’re even better.)

5. There is no such thing as a weak drink in NOLA. Except, maybe, for the “bucket” drinks served at the hotel parties.

Things I learned in New Orleans, Part 1

So, last week I knocked something off my bucket list – I spent four days in New Orleans. It is at once the most beautiful and ugliest place I’ve ever been. The phrase that kept coming to mind was “genteel decay” – so many remnants of grace and beauty, so corrupted by time and the elements.

I was there, of course, for the first annual GayRomLit Retreat. And it *was* a treat! I got to go stalker-fangirl on Marie Sexton, Heidi Cullinan, and ZA Maxfield (one of my primary reasons for going!), I got to spend time with the totally awesome, funny, fantastic TA Chase, Devon Rhodes, Amber Kell (and her Lackey, Mike), and I got to room with Stephani Hecht (one of my favorite people ever) and her sister Jackie (arguably the most popular person at GRL). I could gush FOREVER!

I won’t subject you to my excessive gushing, though. At least not at this point. What I will do is give you (in three parts) the top ten things I learned in New Orleans:


10. Most native New Orleanians are of Italian descent, not French, and most don’t have that kick-ass accent.

9. The town actually WASN’T built below sea level.

8. There’s no such thing as a “size small” meal anywhere to be found. (Seriously, those po’ boy sammiches? Big as my head. No, big as Ethan’s head – I’m mini-sized.)


T-Minus Two Days & Counting

Just two days until my journey to NOLA and GayRomLit begins! My “swag” is safe in the arms of UPS (gotta love logistics!), my work plans are – sorta – in place, and I stocked up on wet food for the kitties so they don’t go cannibal on the old dude while I’m gone.

The plan (heh) is to maybe post a pic or two whilst I’m there – but y’all know me and plans… So, if not then, look for eyecandy early next week! Meantime, here’s a little something to keep the fires going:


6 days, 1 hour and 10 minutes. But who’s counting?

And, because he’s freakin’ gorgeous, and seems to me to fit New Orleans, I give you the Phantom! (courtesy the awesome “Books and Porn” blog)


Where in the World is VJ Summers?!?

Yes, boys and girls, I’ve gone “walkabout”. Not on purpose, it’s just that life picked up speed, and I couldn’t keep up… So, where I’ve been is right here – nursing the old dude through another nasty chest cold, loving on the kitties, checking out the kiddo’s senior pictures… Working my considerable fanny off…

The question is: where will I be???

This weekend I’ll be in Akron at Ellora’s Cave’s third annual RomantiCon, hanging out with the other half of Violet, the fabulouso ladies from TwoLips Reviews and those hot-assed Cavemen!

NEXT weekend I’ll be in New Orleans (can you say VJ’s fantasy trip?) for the first annual GayRomLit.

Hey, if I *have* to be 40, I’m damned well gonna enjoy it!