One of My New Favorite Things

Saw this link on the always fabulous Coffee & Porn site.

Cup ‘O Porn is one of my “old” favorite things, so it’s fitting I’d find a “new” favorite thing there!


And in keeping with the “gay”, “coffee” and “porn” theme:


State of the…um… Union? Or, at least, of my To-Do List.

So I’m on restriction. No twitter until my WIPs are up to date. I miss twitter…. So where am I in the WIPs?

  • Hyde: about 3/4 through
  • Energy Work: about 1/2 through
  • Daniel’s revision: about 1/2 through (this is probably the most urgent one and I should have listed it first…)

Then, of course, there are the WIPs that are time-lined out, but not really started, like the next Merab book, and the two MonMarte stories from Violet. And Blue’s story (from Under the Influence). And After Happily Ever After (Rio and Tim after the kiss in Liar, Liar). And another Rio/Tim short – actually a Tim/Steven short- called The Spaces Between.

Yeah. VJ is – well, needs to be – a busy, busy girl!

Picture, and Snark

Been working on the prequel to Melting in my (snort) spare time. One thing I noticed is that, since they’re both told in a single POV, there’s not a huge amount of description. So here’s a pic that kinda sorta captures the general look I have in mind.

That’s Thomas on the left. He’s a little less slick than that – shaggier hair, maybe some stubble.

So, here’s a tiny bit of snark – Everyone who read Melting knows that Ryan met Thomas at a BDSM club on his 21st birthday. What isn’t mentioned in Melting is that Thomas wasn’t alone when Ryan landed in his lap. He was having drinks with Vincent another of The Mask’s Doms. Vincent isn’t evil, but he’s not any better than he has to be. He doesn’t have a big part in what I’m calling “Happy Birthday to Me”, but he certainly makes his presence felt. Before he’ll agree to do a scene with Ryan, Thomas needs to make sure Ryan knows what he’s getting into. Vincent is happy to provide color commentary.

“It’s sex, Sir. It’s all good.” And that was true.

“But you’re looking for more than just good.” Not a question. “And topping makes you uncomfortable.”

“Not uncomfortable, exactly, Sir. And not all the time. It just feels like Tristan needs something I can’t give him. And when he talked about this, about being Dominated, that felt right in a way nothing else has since I understood that I liked boys for sex.”

“And Tristan brought you here?”

“Yes, Sir. It’s my birthday present.”

“This just gets better and better,” Vincent said. “A virgin, here on his birthday for his first ever scene. If you don’t spank the boy, I will.”

I’m hoping (again, snort) to finish Birthday up this weekend. Really, really hoping. It’s another Quickie, and I’m creeping up on 8 K, so it’s a possibility!


No, not dead. Not fallen off the face of the earth, or even buried in a landslide. Just very, very busy. Actually *doing* the day job (urgh). Taking “Mommy-Duty” more frequently. Hanging out with the Old Dude… And squeezing teeny-tiny bits of writing and editing in the cracks wherever I can squish it in…

So, to prove I still love you all… I give you Mancandy!

And, because the Old Dude and I have been listening to Tigers’ Exhibition Games, I thought I’d go with a pretty sports theme!