The Good News is, It’s No Longer Monday…

The bad news is, it’s only Tuesday…


Happy Monday!

Here’s day appropriate CANDY!

Happy Thanksgiving!

I did a search for “Sexy Thanksgiving Images”… and got a page of pictures of pie. Hmmm…

Oh, and this!

New Release!

I’m thrilled, excited, and more than a little anxious about the release of my Ellora’s Cave Quickie, Melting!

Ryan is Thomas’ golden boy, his submissive. His beautiful. As hot, as vibrant and pliant, as the wax Thomas enjoys pouring on Ry’s glistening skin.

Tonight, for your pleasure as well as his own, Thomas invites you to watch as he rewards his beautiful with a mesmerizing wax play scene, proving his lust and love with each colorful layer. Until Ryan is lost in subspace, soaring, moaning…melting.

Buy it HERE!

I love this story. It flowed from the Muse to the keyboard with very little input from me. That’s probably why I’m anxious. It’s a very isolated scene, Thomas and Ryan are a long-established couple doing a public scene as a sort of celebration and reaffirmation of their relationship. It’s entirely in Master Thomas’ point of view, which I’m afraid will keep some readers from connecting. And there aren’t a lot of waxplay stories out there – at least not that I’ve found. Sierra and I wrote one, Velvet Memories, for LSB, and it’s selling, but it’s a narrative with a beginning, middle and end. Melting is a moment in the life of these two complicated, passionate men… So, here’s hoping that the readers are as intrigued with Master Thomas and Ryan as I am. I’d love to see more from them!


Hmmm. I’m finding a lot of my snark is a bit bitchier than I realized. What does that say about me? (Maybe that the coffee mug “I’m not really a bitch, I just play one in YOUR life” is a little more apt than it should be?)

Anyhoo – this weeks bit-o-snark comes from Liar, Liar, my Don’t Read In the Closet contribution at Goodreads. It’s free. Get it HERE.

As always, be sure to drop in to Marie Sexton’s blog for the linkities to the other folks playing in this sandbox!

Tim is trying to drink away the memory of his closeted ex – and his ex’s WIFE – when long-time crush Rio finds him at Candyland.

“What are you doing, pretty boy?”

Oh, that bastard.

“What does it look like I’m doing? I’m getting fucking shit-faced drunk. Gimme.” He held out his hand as if he actually expected Rio to return his drink.

“Tim, babe, whatever it is, getting shit-faced isn’t gonna solve it.”

“Nope. But it’ll let me put it off a day or two.” He snapped his fingers, wondering why he was provoking the man. He knew damned well all he was doing was poking the bear – and he knew Rio knew he knew it. And fuck if he wasn’t confusing himself with who knew what. Clearly, he needed another drink. “Now hand it over.” Rio just shook his head. Of course.

Tim slid off his stool, rubbing down Rio’s body all the way. Hard muscles under damp cotton. He’d been dancing. His scent surrounded him, and now it surrounded Tim, too, and it was having a predictable effect. Tim felt his cock twitch, start to fill. And fuck him if Rio wasn’t getting hard, too.

“And what’s up with the Princess? Pretty boy? Babe? Really, Sweetcheeks?” Tim leaned in, reaching for his drink, which had the happy side effect of making him rub all over Rio again. Yep. The man was definitely hard. “You don’t want me. You give me shit about the man who does want me.” Never mind that Stephen didn’t want him anymore. “So what’s with the pet names? Do you just enjoy the mind fuck, since it’s the only fuck you’ll give me?”

He had his drink now, as well as the full body experience of pretty much everything Rio had to offer. Not that he was offering it to Tim.

For his part, Rio looked more startled than cynical for a change, and that was ridiculously gratifying. Then the light dawned, as obviously as if it was tattooed on his forehead, and Rio gave him a sympathetic look.

“Ah, shit. The jackass finally showed his true colors, did he?” Rio cupped his cheek almost tenderly with one big, hot palm. “I warned you, Princess.” Blue eyes blinked slowly. “Um, Tim.” The correction sounded so awkward that Tim might have been amused if he hadn’t been so damned incensed.


This is the picture Blaine chose that inspired Liar, Liar:

Come See Me!

Sometime today I’m being interviewed by the intrepid Heidi Cullinan on my favorite blog to stalk, Coffee and Porn In the Morning (Wine and Sex in the Afternoon)

Stop by, say hi, hang out a bit. I can’t reply until after work, but I’ll be eagerly waiting to get home, check out the nekkid guys (Heidi and Marie ALWAYS come through with the nekkid guys), and the general hilarity that shall ensue!

Meantime, here’s a pretty picture that I *think* came from Marie –