See How Much Happier She Looks?

I’ve been on “radio silence” for the last couple of weeks – Blissfest was beyond awesome, and I’m gonna Bliss-Out with some posts, but in the process I exacerbated the small tear in my left rotator cuff, and so have spent the last two weeks stoned on painkillers. Love me some Tramadol. For reals. I *have* been checking email periodically, though, which involves me passing the Yahoo News page, and today this caught my eye: Matrix Director Publicly Debuts as a Woman. It’s a fairly innocuous story most notable for the fact that it unhesitatingly refers to the former Larry Wachowski as she. Yay, them!

Check out the photo. Can you believe how much happier she looks?

I Blame Marie Sexton

As you are reading this, I am hurtling down I-75, on my way to Blissfest. And what, you ask, is Blissfest? An orgy? A psychotropic experience? Well, maybe, though probably not for me as The Kid is coming along.

No, Blissfest is a weekend long folk music festival at which one camps. In a tent. With port-a-potties. And they’re too far away for midnight potty needs.

Actually, when I’ve gone in the past (the far past, when I was much more enthusiastic about peeing outdoors) it’s been a wonderful experience. The music is good. The people are friendly…and exceedingly mellow (go figure, snicker) and I came home relaxed, sun kissed and happy. Of course those times *I* wasn’t the one putting up the tent.

So how is this Marie Sexton’s fault?

Well, I recently re-read her most excellent Promises, which reminded me of the equally excellent A to Z, in which the MC’s meet up at…a folk music festival. No sooner did I read them, than I got a “Happy Bliss” email from a friend from my mis-spent youth (HA! I was frighteningly stodgy) and I thought, “I must go! I shall see Jared and Matt, and Zach and (most especially) Angelo!” Because yeah, they’re real people.

So, hopefully I’ll be back Sunday night tanned and relaxed, and sharing pictures and stories. (No anticipatory pics as I’m posting this from the most miraculous Nook)

In the mean time, pray that I don’t end up with poison ivy, or ticks, or – God forbid – earwigs! (Remind me to tell you the earwig story sometime. Did you know their bodies are hinged, and when they scuttle across the ceiling…?)

What’s Your Holiday Kink?

Next week my beloved, beleaguered Tigers are hosting Christmas in July. Excellent timing, as I’m working on a Kinky Christmas micro-novella. I’ve got some ideas – I’m liking the working title “The Toymaker’s Dream” – but I’d love to get some input from my readers. All five of you, lol! It seems to me “Deck the Balls”, er, Halls… or sub… has been done, and then done again. I don’t wanna be stale. So, Toymaker aside, what shivers your mistletoe? Inquiring minds want to know!

Weellll… Maybe not the best plot bunny…

Closer… If Mrs. Claws had lest breast-i-age…

And yet somehow THIS is my favorite. Utterly inappropriate (and thank God for Prancer’s crossed legs), but my favorite…

Another Scorcher Here in Michigan…

Have a VERY Happy 4th of July!

God Bless America… We Need It!

Thank God we still live in a country that can be called “the home of the brave”!

Happier, Still, 4th of July!