Musical ManCandy!

Okay, I filched this from a FB friend because he’s frickin’ beautiful.


And then another FB friend posted the link to one of his music videos, and I was all DAYAM! I have *no idea* what the words are, but, ummm… the video is pretty nom!

ManCandy – The Baseball Edition

In honor of Detroit’s double-header against the White Sox:

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I’ve been a bit absent lately, here & on Facebook. Mom gave us a scare, and the adrenaline crash kind of wrecked me. I wonder if that will ever stop – the flood of adrenaline when my phone rings & Bortz comes up on the ID.

ANYWAY… I didn’t want to skip ManCandy, & I should have a W3 this week. Also, I have a flashback 2nd Edition book coming soon! So hopefully you’ll see a bit more of me!

Now, here’s what you were waiting for, lol.


(I’m writing shibari right now. I L♡VE the spider Web pattern on his back!)



Monday ManCandy, Labor Day Edition

Cuz hard working men are sexy!


Flashback Friday

With all the “stuff” that happened this year, it’s been easy to forget that in order to be an author… I have to WRITE. Ha. Recently a couple of author/editor friends I respect enormously reminded me that I don’t suck as an author. Then I got a truly fantastic reader review of Light a Candle on ARe. *Then* I got the opportunity to sign a brand spanking new contract with Changeling Press for a “fun” (okay, it’s increasingly intense BDSM type fun) paranormal series, AND the kind of warm welcome back that sorta makes me feel like I don’t *entirely* suck as an artist and human being.

So, for Flashback Friday (after that massive info dump, lol), I’m sharing the release later this month of the 2nd edition of Willa’s Master, a het BDSM Changeling Hot Flash.


I’m also sharing a couple of awards nominations Sierra and I got. It’s been a while, and I’d honestly forgotten them. Maybe with some new wind beneath my wings, I can get back there, yeah?