What’s Your Holiday Kink?

Next week my beloved, beleaguered Tigers are hosting Christmas in July. Excellent timing, as I’m working on a Kinky Christmas micro-novella. I’ve got some ideas – I’m liking the working title “The Toymaker’s Dream” – but I’d love to get some input from my readers. All five of you, lol! It seems to me “Deck the Balls”, er, Halls… or sub… has been done, and then done again. I don’t wanna be stale. So, Toymaker aside, what shivers your mistletoe? Inquiring minds want to know!

Weellll… Maybe not the best plot bunny…

Closer… If Mrs. Claws had lest breast-i-age…

And yet somehow THIS is my favorite. Utterly inappropriate (and thank God for Prancer’s crossed legs), but my favorite…


1 Comment

  1. Loved the pics, gave me some ideas. Don’t really want Santa to get busy with a reindeer unless it’s really a guy in a deer suit. Other options maybe Mrs Claus is really a guy in drag named Ralph. Or there are so many elves running about maybe they could gang up on Santa for some post holiday fun.

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