Late Night ManCandy

I didn’t forget, my dears; I just got caught up! So, here’s a double (triple?) shot. And wouldn’t you like to cuddle up with any of these hotties?!

naughty napper 12-7sergio-castro

Throwback Thursday Pt 2

Oh. Em.  Gee.

How did I not know that today is the Six Million Dollar Man’s birthday????

I bet I still have the doll (action figure…whatever) in my basement. Along with his space shuttle. Yeah, I had it.


He may be Lee Majors, or The Fall Guy to you, but he’ll always be Steve Austin to me. Happy 76, Steve!

Throwback Thursday – Naps

When THE KID (now 21) was two and three, we had a Sunday routine. We’d go to church (she was too cute for words – my mom kept her in hand made dresses – soooooo adorable!), go through the Micky D’s drive through, eat our nuggets, then NAP. For years that was my favorite time of the week. Cuddles w my kid and a couple hours peace. Heck, for years after she’d outgrown them, I was more or less Pavlovian about my Sunday naps.

1218132132b-1Yep. Mom made that one 😉

I bet if you asked her now what my favorite memory of her growing up is, she’d say… NAPS! (She knows me well, lol)

So, after another tragic Tiger loss, and before Old Dude’s favorite Fox show (The Five, which I can *usually* tolerate without my eyes or ears bleeding), I’m gonna take a nap! And I suggest you do, too. Life always seems simpler after sleep!


A theme…

medium_6383795019 20120305-041503

Have you ever noticed there are MANY sexy pictures of women in gags, but the pictures of men are almost always either humorous or degrading. Which is too bad, because I’ve read many wicked hot scenes with men in gags…

CATastrophic Snark

Oh, my Tigers. How you wounded me yesterday…

Here’s some real life snark:

( Miggy hits Davis in for an RBI)

Old Dude (yelling): They can’t skunk us!

(Chicago has us pinned 10-1)


In other Tiger news, I’m glad Miggy at least managed an RBI since yesterday was his birthday.


Earlier in the week it was our unnaturally hot GM’s birthday. It’s a good thing the team gave him a win, cuz his reaction when he saw the cake they had for him was apparently, “What? All these multi-million dollar contracts and THIS is the best you can do?”


Even losing 12-2, I gotta love my Tigers…

Throwback Thursday: FABIO!

About a million years ago a mane of golden hair brought Romance as a genre into the open… Live him or hate him, all romance authors owe a debt to Fabio and his hair!

18qj4hkn89swljpg fabio Composite

(As an aside, I met him once and he was, of course, charming. And he smelled incredible. So seeing him in the Old Spice commercials seemed a perfect fit.)



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