Losing Angelo…

Sierra and I were extremely fortunate to have the stunning Angelo Riguero on the cover of our first Longfellow novel, Longfellow Seduced. We were also lucky enough to spend time with him at Ellora’s Cave’s RomantiCon – both of us last year and me, solo, the previous years. He was a warm, friendly person, incredibly approachable, and with a knack for making a woman feel desirable without being skeezy. I was horrified and heartbroken to hear that he was shot outside a bar in Dallas, while apparently trying to break up a fight. This is so wrong on so many levels. I’m almost beyond words. I’ll have something a bit more elegant in the next day or so but for now, I’ll let pictures speak for me.

Angelo and Sierra – Romanticon 2011

Angelo and Bladerunner Barbie, er, VJ.

Rest with angels, Angelo.

Daniel’s Surrender Snark…With BOOBIES!

So, Daniel’s Surrender is a m/m/f menage with a HEA. Yes, the boys like boobies as much as they like balls. (Sorry m/m purists – does it help that there’s LOTS of boy-sex in the book? I mean a LOT a lot!)

As we were writing it, Sierra and I thought a lot about how the dynamic between three lovers would go. In order for it to be an equal relationship, each of them had to contribute something unique and necessary to the others. So, what we discovered was that, for all his issues, Daniel’s the “stable” one. He’s the one who tempers Matt’s impulsiveness and Shannon’s empathy. Matt? He’s the carefree one. If Daniel is a calming influence, Matt’s the one to get him to lighten up – to have fun. And Shannon’s the heart of things. Shannon’s touch is the one that finally enables Daniel to look beyond his past, and Matthew to look beyond his reputation, and allows them to finally trust…

So, we’ve seen quite a bit of Matt ‘n Dan snark – here’s a glimpse of the woman who tamed them both. Shannon’s in the process of moving into an apartment in Matt’s building. She’s just tangled with an uncooperative couch, and has come to take Matt up on his offer to help with the heavy lifting, but he convinces her to take a break, first.

“Well, before you go back into the fray, let me give you some fortification.” He opened the refrigerator, and took a moment to regret he was indeed a bachelor, and his refrigerator reflected it. “I’ve got domestic beer, some orange juice, German beer, a flat diet soda, and, oh, some beer from a local microbrewery,” he called out with a grimace. “What can I get for you?”

“Gee,” her laughter sounded like bells. “it’s really hard to choose, but I think I’ll have to go with … um … beer.”

“An excellent choice,” he replied, carrying two bottles and two glasses into the living room, “it’s the house specialty.”

Shannon rolled her eyes and accepted both bottle and glass as he dropped onto the couch next to her. Setting the glass on the coffee table, she took a long drink directly from the bottle and leaned back with a sigh. Interestingly, instead of leaning back into the soft surface of the couch, she found herself leaning into the decidedly hard surface of Matt’s arm. She shot him a glance.

“So, that move work much, Slick?” In spite of her words, Shannon made no effort to move.

“Not since high school.” He grinned. “I’m hoping my luck is changing.”

Is he a GUY, or what?

You can find Daniel’s Surrender HERE, and more snark HERE, on Marie Sexton’s blog. She’s not actively snarking while she’s in Europe, but she’s got a linky tool with links to all the regular snarkers on the last post.

Coming Soon!

The re-edited, revised, reissues of Binding Ben and Educating Nadia (formerly The Dom Next Door) have a pub date!!! Look for them Friday, November 2nd, from Ellora’s Cave! Can’t WAIT to share them with a whole new audience. And, coincidentally, that picture on Nadia’s cover? Totally the image I bought for it when we considered self-pubbing!

More Daniel Snark…

So, I mentioned in a comment on last week’s snark that poor Brady Ryder (owner of Velvet Ice) is the stereotypical fucked up man. Daniel ain’t far behind him, though, a fact Matthew is well aware of. In this scene, Matt’s come to Daniel looking for information about his brother, Marcus, who’s gone missing. As Marc’s best friend, Matt’s hoping Daniel will have a clue where he’s gone.

Letting out a deep breath he threw the door open. Matt stood on the other side, looking like a frat boy, dressed in jeans and a Detroit Lions t-shirt .

“Matty, haven’t you realized by now that team is a lost cause?” Daniel remarked, moving his hand in a sweeping motion, inviting Matt in.

“Daniel, haven’t you realized by now I’m a sucker for lost causes?” he smiled. “And my name’s not Matty.”

Daniel’s Surrender is still available HERE, along with Carrie’s Answer and Meredith’s Awakening. For the moment you can find the Scenes from Velvet Ice novellas HERE, though they’re due to come down any day now.

Check out Anne Tenino, Tali Spencer, and Marie Sexton’s blog for a list of regular snarkers. (Even though she’s in Italy and not snarking on her blog, you can check out previous weeks for the links to other awesome snark!)

More Snark –

The snarky and talented Anne Tenino and Tali Spencer are both snarking today, too!

I wish I knew how to use the linkety tool.

Daniel’s Surrender Snark

So, I know Marie Sexton’s being snarky in Europe right now, thus not being snarky on her blog, but I’m hoping someone who knows how to use the linkety tool will take up the banner today!

So, for those of you who’ve been waiting, Daniel’s Surrender (the m/m/f 3rd book in the Corporate Affairs trilogy at EC – which was The Worthington Group trilogy at Liquid Silver) is out in ebook! Daniel is probably still my favorite of the Violet Summers books. Every single thing about writing it was a pleasure.

In this very brief snark, Matthew Worthington has just had an unexpected close encounter of the oral kind with Daniel Ellis – his older brother’s best friend, and a well-known playboy. And solid gold smart ass, as you can see.

When the convulsions eased Daniel drew his finger out, provoking a last shudder. Then he set about straightening his clothing as if nothing had happened. When he realized Matthew was still standing there, breath unsteady and pants unzipped, he patted his cheek.

“Zip up, Matty. The night’s not over. There’s still networking to be done.”

Once both men were decent, or in Daniel’s case perfect, they emerged into the glittering throng of charity night attendees. Daniel nabbed two champagne flutes from a passing waiter. Handing one to Matthew he raised his own in salute before draining it and decisively walking away.

When Sierra and I wrote Daniel, m/m was still a taboo kink (to us, anyway, coming from the Lora Leigh school of kink). I think I’ve gotten MUCH better as an author, and as a m/m author in particular, but I still love the sort of joyful innocence of even the dark, BDSM-y scenes in Daniel’s Surrender.

I hope you’ll love them, too!

Daniel’s Surrender is available HERE!

Oceanic Snark, Part 2

Our m/f/m menage, Longfellow’s Lovers, released Wednesday HERE at Ellora’s Cave. The Longfellow in question is Ariana, an Historian taking an Australian beach vacation before moving on to her next assignment in Asia. The Lovers are Ky and Jaxon, mermen and brothers who bicker like, well like brothers.

In this week’s snark, Ky and Jax have just claimed Ariana, their mate, and are behaving like…men…in the aftermath. No, they didn’t roll over and go to sleep. Instead Jax went looking for food while Ky took care of their exhausted lover. Of course, “taking care” quickly becomes “petting and fondling,” and as Ky’s nest-brother, Jax has a telepathic window to what’s happening in the bathroom while he’s rounding up a snack.

Ky knew she needed rest, and after they ate he would let her have all the sleep she needed. But at the moment he wanted to watch the orgasm cross her face. He loved watching the flush rise to her cheeks, the way she licked her lips. Her sighs alone drove him mad with the need to bury himself inside her.

The Great Power had chosen their mate well. She was a perfect match for him and Jax, and while it had taken him off guard that she’d been a human, Ky couldn’t have been more pleased.

Ky, dammit, I wanted food. Now I’m standing in the kitchen with a boner that could pound nails!

Ky didn’t try to suppress the smile.

Ari blinked at him and crinkled her nose in an adorable expression of confusion.

“What’s so funny?”

Ky leaned down and kissed those precious wrinkles.  When her expression relaxed, he moved to her lips and kissed her deeply, until she gasped into his mouth.

He pulled away with a smile of satisfaction.  “It’s just my idiot brother, love. Jax is complaining that he now has a hard on.”

You can find Longfellow’s Lovers HERE, at Ellora’s Cave; and you can find more snark HERE, on Marie Sexton’s blog.