I Feel so Cool!

So, this is my first EVAH post from my Nook. I Ellora’sCave). And, OOH! I made a link. On my Nook!

So, happy Wednesday, Nooks rock, and Boston is spanking my Tigers, which almost but not quite kills the joy… Come on, Benoit. Strike out some Red Socks! Make my night!

To All Who Serve

I most humbly thank you.

Goodbye to a Legend

It wasn’t bad enough that we lost Maurice Sendak…

Now we’ve lost the inimitable disco queen, Donna Summer to cancer. She was only 63. (I’m at the day job, which for some reason won’t let me add a picture – so please do a search of google images to see how fabulous she was, and will always be in our memories!)




Longfellows and CNN

So, do you like it? Is Magnus, our lovable oaf, as compelling to you as he is to us – and to Pru? We want your feedback as we work on the second Longfellow story – Longfellow Forgiven.

Here’s the amazing Brent Smith – inspiration for Magnus Crowe:

Also – and this is for Nancy – OMG! The Old Dude has a crush on Erin Burnett, a CNN REPORTER! We’re getting a touch of balance here in Summer-Land! Woo-fucking-hoo!


So, Longfellow Seduced is out at Ellora’s Cave (get it HERE) and Cat gave it the most awesome customer review! It totally made Sierra’s Thursday, and it started my Friday on a totally high note! Thanks, Cat! (Exit VJ, the validation whore, lol).

Now back to preparations for the EDJ, a little happier than I was fifteen minutes ago! And, here’s more Angelo, just to keep the happy going!

Okay, you can’t see his face in this one, but this is last year’s RomantiCon, where he was more or less DJ for the par-tay part of the evenings. This pic, besides showing some fucking amazing muscles, reminds me a little of Magnus – love a guy who knows how to play the crowd!

THIS one’s from RomantiCon 2010. Angelo is signing the cover flat of Joey W. Hill’s Branded Sanctuary – which features him looking pretty damned glorious (fitting, as it’s a pretty damned glorious book – READ IT if you haven’t – it’s het/BDSM/hurt-comfort/friends-to-lovers/amazing). And that’s the equally glorious Joey W. Hill with him. This is another Magnus picture – autograph sighing and all.

And if I’m gonna pimp Joey, I’ll mention Rough Canvas. It was my first BDSM, my first m/m, and it literally changed my life. Seriously – one of the best books I’ve ever read, *always* on my Nook, and one of about three I go to whenever I’m jammed up. I wasn’t at all surprised to find Joey a wonderful person, not after reading Rough Canvas.

Happy Friday, Everyone!

This Time Tomorrow:

Longfellow Seduced will be available at Ellora’s Cave!

I’ve subjected (snort) you to the most gorgeous, awesome cover MANY times, so this time I’ll just subject you to a picture of Angelo and my other half, Sierra Summers:

Longfellow Seduced is straight het (hee, hee, I’m so damned PUNNY), but it’s wicked hot, has a rocker vampire with all the charisma and none of the couth of Lestat, and has a kick-ass forensic accountant who may be little, but is FIERCE! I hope you’ll enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed writing it!

Longfellow Inspiration

As we prepare for the LONG awaited re-release of Longfellow Seduced (May 9th from Ellora’s Cave), I thought I’d share the gorgeous original picture that first inspired our chauvinistic oaf, Magnus Crowe. Kudos to Sierra for finding it!

Butt cleavage… sigh…