NaNo Week 1: “Na-Uh-Oh!”

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Not nearly enough words were written last week. Not. Nearly. Enough. I missed NaNo’s goal by a mile. I missed *my* goal by a galaxy. I have reasons AND excuses (and no, I don’t think the two are synonymous), but the fact is, I need to prioritize better, and stop letting the whole adulting thing paralyze me. Ack.

So, MORE WORDS WILL BE WRITTEN THIS WEEK! Which should be somewhat less daunting than last week, as whilst *not* writing, I did a large amount of scene building in my head. Yay, me, lol.

So in honor of NaNo Reboot: Inspirational ManCandy!

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I Feel so Cool!

So, this is my first EVAH post from my Nook. I Ellora’sCave). And, OOH! I made a link. On my Nook!

So, happy Wednesday, Nooks rock, and Boston is spanking my Tigers, which almost but not quite kills the joy… Come on, Benoit. Strike out some Red Socks! Make my night!