More Cowboy Snark

So, last week’s snark was from Something to Talk About, a “Violet Summers” m/m/f menage that’ll be available at Liquid Silver Books through the end of August. In it we met Randi Lee Jenkins, her asshole ex, Billy, and hot Sheriff Jon. After sending Billy on his way with orders to pack up and get the hell out of Randi’s house, Jon takes her home to spend the night licking her wounds at the house he shares with his lover, Wyatt. Never mind that both he and Wy wouldn’t say no to her licking… something else.

In this excerpt, Randi Lee has just caught her no-good boyfriend cheating on her, and decided to take her mad out on his truck, ala Carrie Underwood. Jon, the local Sheriff, gets called in and, knowing it wouldn’t be a good idea for her to be alone, he takes her home to stay with him and his lover, Wyatt. After several years of watching and wanting her, Jon and Wy know this might be their chance – but subtle isn’t part of Jon’s skill set, and Randi runs off, shocked and more than a little intrigued…

Jon was sitting on one of the bar stools, his hands wrapped around a sweating bottle of beer.  He figured he’d better back off the hard stuff.  He’d already let his mouth out race his brain once tonight. He wanted to kick himself for blurting out what he and Wy wanted from Randi Lee.  It wasn’t the sort of thing you spring on a girl, particularly one who’d had as shitty a night as she had. Damn, damn, damn.

“What’s come over you, dumb-ass?” Wy’s voice echoed  Jon’s thoughts.

He shrugged. “I don’t know. A case of verbal diarrhea?”

  You can find Something to Talk About HERE through the end of August.

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Abusing my “Celebrity” (snort)

I’m always surprised when anyone knows who I am. I mean, at AAD when Lissa Matthews came up to compliment Carrie’s Answer (which, by the way, is available HERE in print), I was stunned and blown away. And every time Brien Michaels goes squee on me, I just want to take him home and have him follow me around to give me a hug every time things start to suck. They’re sucking right now.

  Aside from the various ways my former day job is screwing me over, I’m watching my mom once again take a rapid      decline. Last week she didn’t know me – I was her older sister. This week she spent the day lost, wandering around waiting for her parents to come and take her home. She did that again last night, only this time it was my older sister who played the role of MOM’s older sister. Complete with name change.

Alzheimer’s is an evil, vindictive bitch.

And it has no cure.

BUT there are people working to find a cure, and working to support the care-givers, the men and women who give time and energy, and sometimes (or so it seems) our very lives to ease the transition of our loved ones into what my mom calls “the black holes”.

On Saturday here in Detroit the Alzheimer’s Association is having a Walk to End Alzheimer’s. I have friends and relatives participating, and I’d encourage you to look over the website. I’d be beyond touched and thrilled if you’d contribute (I’m linking you to one of my peep’s personal page), but money isn’t the heart of it. The heart of it is education – learning how to deal with the afflicted, and how to support the care-givers.

Run, don’t walk, to an elder care attorney – there are legal things you need to know! There are steps to take to protect your parents’, grandparents’, hell – your own – financial security. Educate yourself because every decision made in the middle of a crisis is excruciating.

And pray for us. Pray for me and my sister. Pray for our mom. Pray for Pat, a woman at my mom’s facility who spends her days trying to find the list of the lost from the concentration camps. We ALL need those prayers.

Thinkin’ ‘Bout GRL & the Return of Snark

So, I booked my flight to Albuquerque for GayRomLit, which has me all excited and giddy all over again. WooHoo! Or, maybe that should be YeeHaw! That got me to thinking about my one and only “western”, Something to Talk About, which is available for a very limited time at Liquid Silver Books. It’s a m/m/f menage story with a big, beautiful ER nurse, a cowboy, AND a cop!  That’s right, a cowboy AND a cop, and various combinations of yummy sexiness!  So, here’s a bit of “Western Snark” in honor of GRL!

This excerpt is from the very beginning of the story. Our heroine, Randi Lee, has just discovered that her lover of 3 years, Billy (yeah, I know – but it’s set in Texas, y’all) has been cheating – for a while. She’s in the parking lot of the local honky-tonk, doing a Carrie Underwood on his truck, when someone nabs her and pulls her out.  Meanwhile, another concerned onlooker (yeah – I taught high school for eleven years – I know the minute the word “fight” hits the halls, there’s gonna be a “concerned” crowd cheering and jeering in the background!) has run in to tell Billy there’s trouble…

“Hold on there, Randi Lee. Ouch! Now, Goddammit that hurt.”

Randi went limp at the familiar, deep voice. Great. Someone called the law.

The adrenaline rush crashed, leaving Randi exhausted and she leaned into Jon Denton, Casper County’s sheriff.

“Damn, sweetheart, you sure made a mess.” He turned her around in his arms, but kept her securely in his grasp.

His whiskey brown eyes gleamed from under his Stetson.  The corners of those gorgeous eyes crinkled as he smiled. “What did Billy do that has you out here destroying his truck?”

Before she could answer a howl rent the air as Billy ran up and surveyed the damage. Spinning around, his face as red as his paint job he screamed, “You stupid bitch! What did ya do to my truck?”

Randi lunged, but Jon had her captured by the waist again before she could reach Billy and strangle his no good lying ass.

Your truck! I pay for that truck. It’s in my name.”

Billy looked back at Jon. “I wanna press charges. Destruction of property, assault and being a royal bitch.”

You can find Something to Talk About HERE through the end of August.

You can link back to Marie Sexton’s most excellent blog and MORE snark HERE.

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WIPs, Coming Soon’s & Other Fun Stuff

So, I’m working my fanny off, since I’m doing the “full-time-author-ulcer-flare-up-laid-off” thing this summer. Some WIPs I have:

Energy Work: Contemporary, corporate shark meets crunchy granola – pampered Persian meets goofy mutt – with some reiki thrown in to shake things up.



(Not quite sure WHY the formatting’s gotten all wonky on the pic’s…)

Hyde in Plain Sight – a m/m take-off of the Jekyll & Hyde story. Some fairly hard core BDSM, which is what’s holding things up. I haven’t quite managed to separate the mechanics from the emotion (for the Hyde scenes) without crossing the line from dub-con to outright abuse. Still working on it – just two scenes left, really. No inspirational images for this one, other than the ones in my head, though.

I have an Enemies-To-Lovers/Hurt-Comfort m/m set in a concentration camp that I’d love to get hammered out for the Fall, and I’ve just finished a Christmas short that I’m hoping to see pubbed this year.

I ALSO have Birthday Licks – a prequel to Melting – coming soon at EC. Melting gave us Thomas and Ryan’s “Happily Ever After” – Birthday Licks gives us their beginning – that 21st birthday when Ryan landed in Thomas’ lap.

Sierra and I have finished (I think) the edits for the next Longfellow story – Longfellow’s Lovers – which introduces Ariana Longfellow and her two destined mates, Ky and Jaxon. HERE is the blurb. Longfellow’s Lovers will be available in e-book 9/5, and in print paired with Longfellow Seduced, at RomantiCon.

We also have two “new” reissues. (Can a reissue be new?) Binding Ben, formerly available at Phaze, and it’s loosely connected companion story, Education Nadia (formerly The Dom Next Door), are also coming soon from EC.


In other fun stuff, I’ll be at the Sexporium at this year’s RomantiCon, in Albequerque for GRL, and various places on the web over the next few weeks/months.

AAD and Other Fun Stuff

When in NOLA, try Eating Breakfast HERE (I hear the chocolate chip cookies are to die for, Too!):


Eat Dinner HERE:





Oh, and by the way, check out the cool stuff  HERE:

More Happiness Is…

The fact that not only had I downloaded Abi Roux’s STARS AND STRIPES before the mad rush of fans crashed the Riptide site, but I’d finished reading it before I even knew there was a problem. Yeah, it was sit-there-reading-for-three-hours-on-the-first-NON-rainy-day-in-NOLA-in-the-middle-of-AAD good!

Happiness is…

When Joey W. Hill hand delivers a copy of Erotic Dreams, a print collection of 5 vignettes previously available on her forum, to my hotel room. I feel loved – and I can’t WAIT to start reading!