In Which I Mourn Amber Quill

I was so sorry to hear that at the end of March, Amber Quill Press will be closing it’s metaphorical doors. I’m sorry for the readers, because Amber Quill and Amber Allure published consistently quality stories. I’m devastated for the authors, because from everything I’ve heard, Ingrid Arbaiza, J. Kathe, Karin Story, and Trace Edward Zaber were a pleasure to work with and for. It’s a rare publisher who can make the artists feel personally important and valued while still keeping a *professional*, *trustworthy* operation. (Something many of us have been learning the hard way… 28 days and counting down…)

As sad as I am to see it happen, I want to give massive kudos to the Amber Administration for recognizing when it was time to close on a high note – too many e-publishers over the last few years have waited it out, juggled resources and staff, and in the end the losers are the readers who end up with substandard stories/editing/cover art (and GUILT, bc you love an author and want to read ALL THE BOOKS, but you aren’t sure s/he is getting paid, so you hesitate…*), and authors and artists who end up with missing royalties, indecipherable statements, and a situation where they can’t win whether they sit back and hope for the best, or vocally take it to the readers… Seeing Noble and Silver go down was like watching two impressive pleasure yachts succumb to the kraken. So, I’m so very pleased that it appears (at least from my place on the outside) that Amber is being fair with its authors. That’s huge.

So, for the next week or so, I want to highlight a few of my favorite Amber authors. I know a lot of their stuff’s been on sale at ARe, and it looks like it’s on sale on the Amber site as well.

Today I’m highlighting my dear friend K-Lee Klein. I love this woman SO MUCH. And she’s a pretty kick ass author. She’s got tons of books out there, but my favorite of her series’ starts with Unbreak My Heart (which I admit I originally bought for the cover, and cuz it was K-Lee, but ended up loving everything about the story!).


You can find K-Lee’s Amber back list at ARe, on Amazon, and HERE, on the Amber site. I hope you’ll check it out soon!

*I wouldn’t encourage people *not* to buy my books. I’ll either get paid or not, and I honestly don’t think actual sales will have anything to do with the check I get. That said, you could wait a bit on my solo stuff (28 days & counting!), and check out my stories at eXtasy Books, and the fabulous  (they’re being *very* patient w my neurosis and screwed up family right now) Changeling Press . There’s some good stuff – both solo and co-authored.

Heart: Shattered

So, I began 2016 with a rather ambivalent post. 2015 ended on a low note, 2016 started the same…

Then David Bowie died. My heart broke a little.



I’ve been playing Bowie pretty much constantly since.

I was at the day job, so today was a late news check in day for me. The FIRST thing I see?

Alan Rickman has died.

Also at age 69, also of cancer, and I am weeping at the loss.


I’ll give vague credit for this stunning illustration to Laura Aleman Striplin’s tattoo artist (whose name I forgot 😕).


We live in a world of “junk food” entertainment. And, yeah. Junk food has its place. I’m a fan of Micky D’s fries. But in all the chaos and noise, I think we often lose sight of true artistry and sheer, knock-you-on-your-ass talent.

This week we’ve lost two unique, fierce and fearless artists. And the thinking, literate world mourns…


Musical ManCandy!

Okay, I filched this from a FB friend because he’s frickin’ beautiful.


And then another FB friend posted the link to one of his music videos, and I was all DAYAM! I have *no idea* what the words are, but, ummm… the video is pretty nom!

Sexy Rocker ManCandy!

I’m incredibly thrilled that the kind and incredibly WICKED HOT Laziel Angel Denali agreed to let me borrow one of his profile pictures for today’s ManCandy! I’ve been obsessing on rockers since the date of the Shinedown concert got closer… *This* rocker is less Shinedown and more how I picture Ben from my novel Under the Influence. Or a young Jet Black from the Black Gold stories. Soooo naughty. Soooo hot!


Check out Angel’s author FB page at:

And be sure to check out his co-authored BROKEN OATHS.

And find more sexy fun on Angel’s FB page at


Just a couple of hours til we’re off to the Jackson County Fair and Shinedown! I’ve talked (many times, lol) about how Shinedown front man Brent Smith was the inspiration for Magnus Crowe in Longfellow Seduced – I *haven’t* talked much about what an amazing artist he is. All you have to do is check out the Smith & Meyers acoustic sessions – in fact all four of the guys are pretty amazing musicians, which you can see in the band interviews posted on their site. So… Check ’em out. Seriously. And, on my way out the door, I’ll leave you with some eyecandy (yes, he does have sexy glasses and a dog – could he GET any yummier??), and the newest Shinedown single, Cut the Cord, which is waaaaay more appropriate than it has any right to be. O.o

2 tumblr_me98ii4F8m1qg0ayto1_400 Shinedown O

ManCandy & Music!

So, long ago in another life I was introduced to Shinedown. Love. Them. I’ve managed to see them on pretty much every tour for the last five or six years. Brent Smith, lead singer & Vortex of Charisma, was the inspiration for Magnus Crowe, the hero of Longfellow Seduced. So, here’s Brent (the hottie) and the cover for the book – which was PERFECT – featuring the late, beautiful inside & out, Angelo. And a video. Enjoy!

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T-Minus 7 & Counting!

This time next week I’ll be on my way to Jackson to see the amazing, OMG fantastic Shinedown. Not that I’m counting the days or anything, lol.