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So, long ago in another life I was introduced to Shinedown. Love. Them. I’ve managed to see them on pretty much every tour for the last five or six years. Brent Smith, lead singer & Vortex of Charisma, was the inspiration for Magnus Crowe, the hero of Longfellow Seduced. So, here’s Brent (the hottie) and the cover for the book – which was PERFECT – featuring the late, beautiful inside & out, Angelo. And a video. Enjoy!

mags 513U5HBSwUL._SX373_BO1,204,203,200_


Binding Ben Snark!

Okay, just to be clear, there is NO PEGGING in the snark. There IS pegging later in the story, and it’s intense and intimate and (I think) pretty damned hot. But it’s in no way snarky.

So. Three years ago Stacey and Ben were hopelessly in love – and were hopelessly hiding their true desires from each other for fear of rejection, which caused the eventual end of their relationship. This (again, kind of a theme for me, apparently) isn’t *exactly* snark. It *is* Ben imagining what he might say if he actually sacked up enough to call Stacey.

Not a day passed that he didn’t think about her, miss her, but he never found the guts to call her.

How did you tell the only woman you ever loved that you wanted her to tie you up and take you?

How many times while they were making love had he wished she would have spanked his ass, slid her finger deep into him and made him even one of the kinky things he’d jacked off thinking about?

Shit, she’d have a stroke!

Back in 2008, when Binding Ben was first published, we got this awesome 4.5 pixie review from Manda at Fallen Angel Reviews:
…BINDING BEN is an evocative study of the need for sexual honesty and truth in love and relationships. The poignant telling of the disintegration of Ben and Stacey’s bond, due to their separate feelings of fear and rejection, was moving. I loved the way Violet Summers (Yeah, that’s me & Sierra) leads us down the road of Ben’s discovery and exploration into the world of submission. It was as if I were right there with him, experiencing the sexual satisfaction, but still missing the sensual peace that provides emotional fulfillment. The joy and pleasure that Ben felt, while spending the evening being dominated by Stacey, (unknown to him) shines out to the reader. Everything about this story is sizzling hot! From the sex, the binding and whipping, the ultimate culmination of Ben’s secret fantasy, and the swirling emotions that flavor the scenes, BINDING BEN delivers an explosion of sure to please action. Sierra Summers and Violet Johnson (VJ Summers, lol) have a top-notch partnership, which produced an excellent story that gives satisfaction on multiple levels.


You can find Binding Ben and it’s companion story, Educating Nadia, for a mind blowing (um, MY mind’s blown) 75 cents each, HERE.

And here’s a hot guy…


Monday Mancandy! (Suit Porn Edition)

So, in honor of Valentines Day, my Throwback Thursday was about Velvet Valentines. Here’s a glimpse of what Derek might look like on his way to court.

derek 1



True L♡VE’s Snark

In honor of Valentine’s Day, today I’m going to share some snark from one of my Velvet Scenes stories. If you read any of the Worthington stories, you know all about Club Velvet Ice. Our Velvet Scenes stories, Sierra and I revisited Velvet Ice, peeking at the mysterious third floor to see what’s going on.

Velvet Valentines is the story of Derek and Elise – a committed couple well on the way to their HEA until Elise discovers Derek’s secret past as a Dom. Shenanigans ensue as Elise sets out to prove to Derek that she’s not made of glass, and their relationship is stronger than his fear.

velvetvalentines_9781419945151_msr(Best Cover Ever! Thanks, Syneca!)

Snark (Derek has just found out Elise “borrowed” his gold coin and crashed the Valentine’s Bacchanalia. Now he’s desperate to “rescue” her before she gets in over her head. Problem is – how does he get in if she’s got his coin???):
He took the stairs two at a time until he reached the third floor, where a bouncer stood with his arms crossed. A red security shirt took the place of the normal black ones.

He held out his hand. “Coin.”

“Fuck,” Derek growled as he realized that Elise had his coin. “Listen, man, my girlfriend is up there and using my coin. She’s a total novice. I have to get to her before she gets in over her head.”

The bouncer raised a questioning eyebrow at Derek and asked his name. Still eyeing Derek doubtfully, he spoke into his radio. The answer came back after endless seconds and the bouncer moved to the side to allow Derek to pass.

“Glad to see you again, Master Derek.” Sinclair Martin was waiting at the smoked glass doors leading to the play area.

“Dammit, Sin,” Derek gritted out, frustrated by the delay. “Why the fuck did you let her in?” Derek didn’t know what reaction he’d expected, but it hadn’t been for Sin to laugh and slap him on the back.

“Oh, man, you have a lot to learn about loving your woman.”

“There is nothing you can tell me about loving Elise.” Derek just barely kept his anger in check. He wouldn’t accomplish anything beyond wasting more time by punching Sin in his smirking face. “And since when have you become an expert on the subject of love, Master Sin?”

“Since he *fell* in love.” Derek turned his head toward the smooth, feminine voice. A tall voluptuous beauty in a snow-white dress that showcased some truly impressive curves walked up behind Sin and wrapped her arms around his waist.

“I’ll be damned,” Derek murmured. He’d never imagined that Sinclair Martin would be off the market, but from the rock sitting on the woman’s finger, the Dom was well and truly bought and paid for.

Saturday Snark – no really, there’s snark this time!

So, I’m going with a bit of a theme this week. New Years Day, many, many moons ago, Sierra and I signed the contract for Carrie’s Answer. Cue the confetti and champagne. Here is a bit of snark from Marcus (our sexy, Domly, NOT CHRISTIAN GRAY hero) and Daniel, his best friend, as they cruise the available… entertainment at Club Velvet Ice. Daniel, a VERY bad boy, encounters a blast from the past he’d prefer to forget…

“Heeey, Daniel.” A musical male voice spoke from a few feet away. “Long time no see.”

Marcus hid his smile as a perky couple approached the booth. Daniel slid closer to Marcus.

“I’ve been busy.” He didn’t look up from his drink.

Marcus held back his laughter. It was rare to see the smooth Daniel Ellis squirm, but this preppie-swinger-wannabe couple managed it easily.
This time the petite, redheaded female half of the couple spoke. “John and I were hoping to run into you again.”
Daniel looked relaxed. Only Marcus noticed the small lines of tension around his blue eyes.

“John, Susan, I told you the last time was really the last time.” Daniel was being cold and abrupt, entirely unlike his usual suave self.
Amusing as the situation was, he supposed it was time to come to his best friend’s aid. It would serve the arrogant bastard right if Marcus got up and left his ass alone.

Sending him a wicked smile, Marcus slid his hand across the table, covering Daniel’s fingers with his own. The couple, whom Marcus had privately dubbed “Bondage Barbie and Ken”, stared at Marcus for a brief moment before flicking their gazes back to Daniel.

Daniel grabbed the gesture–and Marcus’ hand–like the lifeline they were, flipping his own hand up to wrap around Marcus’ fingers.

“Besides,” Daniel added, finally looking up at the couple. “My schedule is pretty full.”

Only Marcus saw the relief in Daniel’s sultry smile.

The couple colored, murmured their goodbyes and turned, trying to hide their embarrassment. They left the room without looking back.

Marcus laughed at Daniel’s scowl. “What’s wrong, Danny-boy? Break another couple’s hearts?”

Daniel caught the bartender’s attention and signaled for another round.

“Broke their hearts? Let me tell you about John and Susan. She’s fucking the pool boy, and so is he. Neither of them bothered to inform the other. I found out and disengaged myself from the situation.”

Marcus barked out a laugh as Daniel continued. “I don’t know who was more broken-hearted, John, Sue or the pool boy. He hit on me too, and I let it slip when I informed them that I wasn’t going to see them again. It was a nice two weeks but, damn, it’s been over three years now. I am not traveling down that road again.”

“Well.” Marcus smirked. “You’ve gotta give them points for being persistent.”

Now, your snark doesn’t need to be nearly this long… Mine usually won’t be. It just needs to be fun and obnoxious.  And, because you waded through the snark, here’s another pretty man!



Five years ago tonight, at the Detroit Auto Show Charity Preview, Matthew Worthington and Daniel Ellis shared their first blow job in Daniel’s Surrender.  It was a fucking AWESOME blow job, too, if I say so myself!

danielssurrender_msr(That’s Shannon. She’s sort of the heart of the boys’ relationship. So, yeah, LOTS of m/m deliciousness, but also a goodly amount of boobies, as well. The story wouldn’t have worked without her!)

THESE are some of the pictures that were my inspiration for Daniel’s Surrender. Matty… Daniel… Matty AND Daniel…

cropped-matthew-1.jpg so ashamed Panorama

(That’s kinda Brady on the left, and kinda Dorian next to the last – the couples? Pure Daniel and Matty!)

Catch up with the new and improved Worthington Group series, Corporate Affairs, available right HERE at Ellora’s Cave, and on sale until the end of the month!

It’s My Birthday!

And, cuz it’s SO much more fun to give than to receive, first, here’s an Instant Gratification present!

eye-candy-tattoo-boys-17_largeHe’s pretty, but I think he got into my cake!

Now for the OTHER prezzy. So, when I was fifteen and was ordering my class ring, a boy I kinda liked told me I should definitely not get a silver ring because, “You were born to wear gold.” Yeah. I know. ::snort:: I, of course recounted this to my mom and, every year after that on my birthday – until the last several when she’s been unable to – she bought me a gold charm for a charm bracelet. Each charm had special meaning, and I cherish it with all my heart.

birthdaylicks_9781419942068_msr SantaClausIsComing_VJSummers bigstock-Legs-Wearing-Red-Boots-6652072

So, to win your choice of either Birthday Licks, my m/m BDSM birthday spanking Quickie, Santa Clause is Coming, my pervy Santa and the drag queen story OR Something to Talk About, the m/m/f menage Sierra and I have at Amazon and ARe (on sale for $1.49 at Amazon through the New Year!), leave me a comment telling me about your best OR worst birthday present or memory. Winner will be randomly chosen by Old Dude (who will likely close his eyes and point, cuz that’s how he rolls!). (Click on book titles for blurbs, excerpts and buy links!)


Joey W Hill!

There, did I get your attention?

Come see me tonight at her UNRESTRAINED Facebook party. I’ll be revealing the rover for my super-kinky Christmas short story Santa Claus is COMING! and giving away a copy of YOUR CHOICE from my backlist, and a shiny new copy of Santa, hot off the presses on December 15th!

JWH Unrestrained Release Party & GIVEAWAYS!!!

joeys partyjoeys party

And the Winner IS!

hop badge 2013Going to be announced tomorrow! Yes, I’ve sort of fallen down on the job of keeping up with comments, etc. for the Hop Against Homophobia and Transphobia, so I’m going to choose my winner bright and early tomorrow morning and I’ll post the winner at 6 AM.

The prize?

  • A cool duct tape “violet” pen & VJ Summers mini-notebook
  • Awesome swag from my awesome publisher, Ellora’s Cave
  • A copy of Violet Summers’ out-of-print-never-gonna-be-available-in-this-incarnation-again m/m BDSM wax play story, “Velvet Memories.”

So, leave your comments! I’ll combine the comments from my 5/17 post and the comments from this post, and put them in the random-chaos-generator, and post the winner at the butt-crack of tomorrow morning!

Even the Meme Gods Love Carrie’s Answer!

The wonderful Rosemary Gunn shared this on my FB page – See, I’ve been saying all along that Marcus Worthington blows Christian Grey out of the water! HA!

carrie beats grey

And, of course, Carrie’s Answer – book one in the Corporate Affairs series – is available at HERE at Ellora’s Cave, HERE at  Amazon for kindle, HERE at Barnes & Noble for Nook, and HERE at ARe. Check it out!


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