Five years ago tonight, at the Detroit Auto Show Charity Preview, Matthew Worthington and Daniel Ellis shared their first blow job in Daniel’s Surrender.  It was a fucking AWESOME blow job, too, if I say so myself!

danielssurrender_msr(That’s Shannon. She’s sort of the heart of the boys’ relationship. So, yeah, LOTS of m/m deliciousness, but also a goodly amount of boobies, as well. The story wouldn’t have worked without her!)

THESE are some of the pictures that were my inspiration for Daniel’s Surrender. Matty… Daniel… Matty AND Daniel…

cropped-matthew-1.jpg so ashamed Panorama

(That’s kinda Brady on the left, and kinda Dorian next to the last – the couples? Pure Daniel and Matty!)

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Blogging FAIL

That is me.

Will it be less ridiculous – the amount of time since my last post – if I post ManCandy?

hot leather dude with great ass

I call this “Hot Leather Dude with Great Ass”.

Sexy Saturday Night Stud!



Sexy, wet firefighter, in honor of Let It Burn’s reissue. Pretty, yeah?

Sexy Sunday Stud!

I’ve been a bad blogger! The flu, life, and school (!!! After a decade teaching, I’m on the other side of the desk!!!) have conspired to keep my social media participation to a minimum. I’ll try to make up for it by sharing a pretty, pretty picture of my current crush, Andrew Christian model Colby Melvin. He’s beautiful, has the teasing naughty smirk down pat, and also is smart, funny, and socially conscious. In other words, pretty damned irresistible!


Losing Angelo…

Sierra and I were extremely fortunate to have the stunning Angelo Riguero on the cover of our first Longfellow novel, Longfellow Seduced. We were also lucky enough to spend time with him at Ellora’s Cave’s RomantiCon – both of us last year and me, solo, the previous years. He was a warm, friendly person, incredibly approachable, and with a knack for making a woman feel desirable without being skeezy. I was horrified and heartbroken to hear that he was shot outside a bar in Dallas, while apparently trying to break up a fight. This is so wrong on so many levels. I’m almost beyond words. I’ll have something a bit more elegant in the next day or so but for now, I’ll let pictures speak for me.

Angelo and Sierra – Romanticon 2011

Angelo and Bladerunner Barbie, er, VJ.

Rest with angels, Angelo.

Another Scorcher Here in Michigan…

Happy Monday!

Here’s day appropriate CANDY!