Monday Mancandy – Playing with FYRE

In preparation for Throwback Thursday’s visit to Merab, I give you Miach, First Consort and FYRE Lord.


Binding Ben Snark!

Okay, just to be clear, there is NO PEGGING in the snark. There IS pegging later in the story, and it’s intense and intimate and (I think) pretty damned hot. But it’s in no way snarky.

So. Three years ago Stacey and Ben were hopelessly in love – and were hopelessly hiding their true desires from each other for fear of rejection, which caused the eventual end of their relationship. This (again, kind of a theme for me, apparently) isn’t *exactly* snark. It *is* Ben imagining what he might say if he actually sacked up enough to call Stacey.

Not a day passed that he didn’t think about her, miss her, but he never found the guts to call her.

How did you tell the only woman you ever loved that you wanted her to tie you up and take you?

How many times while they were making love had he wished she would have spanked his ass, slid her finger deep into him and made him even one of the kinky things he’d jacked off thinking about?

Shit, she’d have a stroke!

Back in 2008, when Binding Ben was first published, we got this awesome 4.5 pixie review from Manda at Fallen Angel Reviews:
…BINDING BEN is an evocative study of the need for sexual honesty and truth in love and relationships. The poignant telling of the disintegration of Ben and Stacey’s bond, due to their separate feelings of fear and rejection, was moving. I loved the way Violet Summers (Yeah, that’s me & Sierra) leads us down the road of Ben’s discovery and exploration into the world of submission. It was as if I were right there with him, experiencing the sexual satisfaction, but still missing the sensual peace that provides emotional fulfillment. The joy and pleasure that Ben felt, while spending the evening being dominated by Stacey, (unknown to him) shines out to the reader. Everything about this story is sizzling hot! From the sex, the binding and whipping, the ultimate culmination of Ben’s secret fantasy, and the swirling emotions that flavor the scenes, BINDING BEN delivers an explosion of sure to please action. Sierra Summers and Violet Johnson (VJ Summers, lol) have a top-notch partnership, which produced an excellent story that gives satisfaction on multiple levels.


You can find Binding Ben and it’s companion story, Educating Nadia, for a mind blowing (um, MY mind’s blown) 75 cents each, HERE.

And here’s a hot guy…


A Christmas Treat!

Mistletoe and Velvet Ice 1Sierra and I have a special holiday release! To be absolutely clear, Mistletoe and Velvet Ice is a re-issue of a previous Velvet Ice novella published under the name Violet Summers. It’s been re-edited, and I think it’s a tighter, sharper read. And it is, like Carrie’s Answer, in it’s original version – set at Christmas, rather than February – which makes a couple of changes from the previously published version.

It’s also a het story and while it’s very romantic, definitely a love story, it also depicts some of the less main-stream elements of BDSM. At the time we wrote it, it definitely pushed the envelope for us. (Ha! I’ve blasted that envelope into shreds since then, lol.)

So, here’s a holiday treat for you, available ONLY for the month of December and, at this point, only from Amazon for Kindle. We hope you enjoy it, that it gives you a warm, fuzzy (or hot, steamy) feeling allllll over your body!


Picking up Dog Waste

So, I’ve been pretty generous in sharing the misery of my day job. Okay, *extremely* generous. So I decided to share a bit of the joy today.

So, I sent out an email this morning: “Just 35 minutes until I never, ever, ever have to see my horrific 3rd hour again, ever.”

A few minutes later my big sister sent this response: “You know those pop up ads for new careers that come up on the right side when you open an email? Well, the two career suggestions on your email were for pastorial counseling services and picking up dog waste.”

Best. Ads. EVER!

I’m sure the reality of my situation will have hit by this time next week, but for tonight I’m just going to coast on the almost-free-at-last-ness.