On the First Day of Christmas…

🎵My naughty author gave to me…🎵

A lame excuse for why she hasn’t posted in weeks. See, “wha’ ha’ happen was…” I actually had quite a lot to say – NaNo and the nature of “winning”; School and the day job, and the adulting I’m having to do; some thoughts on ethics, honesty, and how 8 of 10 times the refusal to engage is interpreted as an admission of guilt… But I honestly just couldn’t bear to type that much! So instead, I present the Twelve Days of VJ’s Kinky Christmas!

🎼On the first Day of Christmas, my author gave to me…


A REALLY HOT guy by a Christmas tree! 🎶

NaNo Week 2

Okay, so I had this awesome, content rich post… and my phone rang, and it ALL went away.

So, I’ll settle for, NaNo was better this week, though real life took up a significant chunk of writing time.

I was gonna talk about adventures at the vet – #2 kitty’s boo-boo is healed and it looks like the lymphoma treatment is working, and #3 cat is FINALLY gaining weight. There’s waaaaay more to it – those are the highlights.

So, I’ll leave you with sexy guy w kitteh. Cuz you can never have enough beautiful men, or adorable kittens!



NaNo Day 1.5 -ManCandy

So, I had a very lofty goal, but I fell so far short of it I’m not even going to say what it was, lol. I blame it on the World Series. I was really pulling for the Mets so we’d get at least one more game, and KC could take it at home. Ah, well. Half a cup is better than none, right?

As for NaNo, I got 506 words – and, to my horror, my porny little m/m erotic story grew a PLOT, and LAYERS, and MULTI-FUCKING-FACETED CHARACTERS! What the everloving fuck???

So, here’s my current inspiration picture (and the placeholder for my novel cover) AND your ManCandy:


And, for anyone who’d like to be a writing buddy, my NaNo name is the VERY original VJ Summers, lol.

Happy writing!