Samhain… Man…

I’m a little bit heartbroken and kind of crushed. I have Chrissy Brashear (and Heather Osborn) stories that I’ll tell another time. A time when my heart isn’t so sore.

I’ve talked many times how Joey W Hill’s ROUGH CANVAS was the first m/m *and* the first BDSM novel I fell in love with… But m/m was never EC’s strong seller (to my eventual personal disappointment), and many of my go-to m/m authors came from Samhain.


KA Mitchell. Oh. Em. Gee. I discovered her during a *really* tense time in my life – my Goddaughter was in a bad situation and had come to live with me, I was fighting for her on so many levels, AND working in what was, in reality, an at-risk school. I think I went a good week w out sleeping at one point.

KA Mitchell probably saved my sanity that summer. I started w CHASING SMOKE, and then worked my way through her entire backlist. COLLISION  COURSE remains in my top 5 comfort reads of all time.


JL Langley. The Englor books. LOVE. Passionately.


Jordan Castillo Price. She’s only got the one book there, HEMOVORE. I got the impression it wasn’t universally embraced, but I loved it, and it led me to the Wild Bill & Michael stories (Also on my comfort read shelf!) & PsyCop – I actually LITERALLY finished re-reading the 7 main books this afternoon.


So many amazing authors. Those are just my eatly discoveries Excellent editing, by and large.

ZA Maxfield…

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And yes, selfishly, I’d hoped to be pubbed there someday, too.

My heart hurts for the authors and the readers. My heart hurts for Chrissy and her team.

My heart especially hurts for all the ePubs being crushed by the leviathan that is Amazon.



My 8th Favorite New to Me Book & Author of 2013



#8 Free Falling by SE Jakes

Free Falling SE Jakes

Okay, so Free Falling actually was NOT the first SE Jakes book I found and loved. That was Catch a Ghost, out from Riptide. Having discovered *that*, I quickly devoured her entire Samhain back list and FB stalked her til she accepted my friend request. SE’s stories are action adventure – mercenaries and/or military men in the business of rescue – a business that sometimes gets very messy. The closest I can come to for a comparison is Abi Roux’s Cut and Run series – the stories are totally different, but the intensity, the hard, Alpha men, those are the same. So, it’s safe to say I could put almost *any* of her titles on here as my favorite… Except… I read an author interview thingy about how Prophet, one of the MC’s in Catch a Ghost had kept showing up in the Men of Honor series, and Free Falling was mentioned. THAT wasn’t a Samhain release! Nor a Riptide story! Nor was it listed on B&N or ARe (my go-to’s when I can’t get something from the publisher). So I asked and, dammit, Free Falling was an Amazon exclusive. Which meant I’d be reading it on my phone, which is lovely, but trying to read on it gives me a migraine.

So, for love of SE Jakes, I caved and bought the (absolute cheapest I could find) Kindle.

Free Falling was SO worth it.

As anyone who’s listened to me pontificate knows, I’m a sucker for a wounded hero, and both Mick and Blue more than fit the bill. The story is twisty, there’s enough kink to make even me happy, the plot is suspenseful (and feels like it could have a sequel, hint-hint). Mick? Delicious. But Blue is that special character – he’s Gabriel in Cara McKenna’s Shivaree series. He’s Angelo in Marie Sexton’s Promises series. He’s this incredibly damaged, helpless and vulnerable APPEARING, utterly kick-ass I can take care of my own shit thank you very much, painfully strong man who doesn’t give an inch – until he meets the man worth giving an inch for. And then, once that man – for Blue it’s Mick – proves himself worthy, he gives him everything. Blue is the reason Free Falling is book #8 and not Bound by Honor or one of the Hell or High Water books. I simply fell in love with Blue, and now I find myself looking for HIM to show up in the other stories (he and Mick actually do, there’s a lot of crossover, which I love) right along with Prophet.

You’ve seen the (drool) cover, here’s the blurb:

Sometimes falling in love is the most dangerous thing of all…

Blue’s a thief who lives for adrenaline and danger. When he meets Mick, a mercenary and a hitter, he feels an immediate attraction. But Mick reneges on a bet they’ve made, leaving Blue pissed and confused.

When they meet again a year later, Blue’s in terrible danger after having walked into the middle of one of Mick’s jobs. Mick saves him, and although the two men have fallen for one another, they have no idea how to handle that kind of intimacy that’s been forced on them.

But when Mick goes missing on a job, Blue’s the one to go after him, determined to save the man he loves no matter the cost.

And be sure to check out SE’s blog, HERE.

I Haz a Happy!

Got a fabulous review for Birthday Licks at BDSM Book Reviews. Check it out HERE. The best part? Reviewer Melissa wants MOAR in the series – and MOAR is on the way! Story #3, Hard Limits, is on its way to edits even as you read! Happy Wednesday to me!