Vampires Do Not Sparkle

The next installment in the Re-Issues of VJ & Sierra Odyssey is our paranormal bbw romance, Saving Jenna. We’re particularly proud of Jenna’s story, not only because it got a rave from Angela Knight, who judged it in the Passionate Ink contest (we got an honorable mention), but because it explores what happens to a woman who is systematically deconstructed emotionally by the one person who should have protected and built her up: her father. Saving Jenna is the first of the Set In Stone paranormal series (the second book is Forever Rowan – the third and fourth books, Erin’s Evolution and Jordan’s Redemption) are in the works.

Here’s the new (dead sexy) cover art:

Set In Stone - Saving Jenna

Here’s the Blurb:

This book was previously published.

Evil walks the night. Sometimes the monsters are obvious, those with fur or fangs, but sometimes evil is more insidious, and wears a beautiful face. Such is the case of William Stone. Jenna, his eldest, realizes that if she and her sisters don’t get out, Stone won’t stop until they’re dead.

Jenna is on the brink of death when Nic Alero finds her. An ancient Vampire, Nic has been looking for his One, and he knows he’s found it in Jenna. The only catch is that Nic must face down the evil that is her father to claim his mate because the only path to saving his own soul lies in Saving Jenna.

You can find Saving Jenna at ARe, at Barnes & Noble for your Nook, and at Amazon for your kindle!


Just 5 Days Left!

And then Mistletoe and Velvet Ice will be gone FOREVER! (Okay, Derek and Elise will return, but never in this form – it’s a LIMITED EDITION, don’tcha know!) You can find it HERE at ARe (even though for some reason the cover, blurb and excerpt went bye-bye), HERE at B&N for your Nook, and HERE at Amazon for your Kindle. (You can also find it in every format conceivable at Smashwords!)

Mistletoe and Velvet Ice 1

Oceanic Snark

I love Marie Sexton’s Saturday Snark. I almost always end up adding something to my TBR list, and I always get a good snicker or four. My snark this week is from Longfellow’s Lovers, a m/f/m menage releasing from Ellora’s Cave on September 5th. Here’s the blurb:

Ariana Longfellow, an Historian whose job it is to record the narratives of the various supernatural species that inhabit the world, retreats to a sunny Australian beach for a summer holiday. But she’s not alone. There on the beach is the most amazingly gorgeous male she’s ever seen. And he has a tail! When another dark ocean god joins him in a cloud of ocean scent and spice, what can Ari do but surrender all she is?

Ky and Jaxon are warriors among the ocean dwellers, mermen dedicated to protecting their species from detection by humanity. When an injured Jaxon washes up on Ari’s beach, he and Ky are stunned when she triggers the mating scent, the signal to all merkin that they’ve found their true mate. The first snag—she’s a human. To add insult to injury—she’s a Longfellow. And all three of them must choose either duty to their own, or the love and passion shared between mates.

In this week’s snark, merman Jaxon has just regained consciousness after a close encounter with a Ski-Doo. Rather than finding his nest-brother Ky anxiously trying to wake him, he finds Ky on the verge of the mother of all hummers at the hands, er, lips of a luscious Longfellow Historian. Instead of giving Ky the chance to tear him a new one for getting too close to the shore, Jax goes on the offensive:

“I know,” he continued. “I was too close to the shore. I need to stay farther away from the humans. I’m going to expose us all, and Dad’ll have a whale.” His words had the sound of an often-repeated argument. “But,” he added, shaking a finger at the dark god who continued to hold her trapped, inches from his gently swaying arousal, “I’m not the one about to shove my…” he sent her an apologetic smile that almost had her coming then and there, “throbbing manhood into the nearest luscious little human mouth I found.”

Longfellow’s Lovers will be available  HERE Wednesday, September 5th. And don’t forget to check out Marie Sexton’s blog for much more snark!

Thinkin’ ‘Bout GRL & the Return of Snark

So, I booked my flight to Albuquerque for GayRomLit, which has me all excited and giddy all over again. WooHoo! Or, maybe that should be YeeHaw! That got me to thinking about my one and only “western”, Something to Talk About, which is available for a very limited time at Liquid Silver Books. It’s a m/m/f menage story with a big, beautiful ER nurse, a cowboy, AND a cop!  That’s right, a cowboy AND a cop, and various combinations of yummy sexiness!  So, here’s a bit of “Western Snark” in honor of GRL!

This excerpt is from the very beginning of the story. Our heroine, Randi Lee, has just discovered that her lover of 3 years, Billy (yeah, I know – but it’s set in Texas, y’all) has been cheating – for a while. She’s in the parking lot of the local honky-tonk, doing a Carrie Underwood on his truck, when someone nabs her and pulls her out.  Meanwhile, another concerned onlooker (yeah – I taught high school for eleven years – I know the minute the word “fight” hits the halls, there’s gonna be a “concerned” crowd cheering and jeering in the background!) has run in to tell Billy there’s trouble…

“Hold on there, Randi Lee. Ouch! Now, Goddammit that hurt.”

Randi went limp at the familiar, deep voice. Great. Someone called the law.

The adrenaline rush crashed, leaving Randi exhausted and she leaned into Jon Denton, Casper County’s sheriff.

“Damn, sweetheart, you sure made a mess.” He turned her around in his arms, but kept her securely in his grasp.

His whiskey brown eyes gleamed from under his Stetson.  The corners of those gorgeous eyes crinkled as he smiled. “What did Billy do that has you out here destroying his truck?”

Before she could answer a howl rent the air as Billy ran up and surveyed the damage. Spinning around, his face as red as his paint job he screamed, “You stupid bitch! What did ya do to my truck?”

Randi lunged, but Jon had her captured by the waist again before she could reach Billy and strangle his no good lying ass.

Your truck! I pay for that truck. It’s in my name.”

Billy looked back at Jon. “I wanna press charges. Destruction of property, assault and being a royal bitch.”

You can find Something to Talk About HERE through the end of August.

You can link back to Marie Sexton’s most excellent blog and MORE snark HERE.

You can find other fun stuff HERE.