Throwback Thursday: Carrie’s Answer

So, a long time ago (like 9-ish years) in a galaxy far away (like, Westland) Lora Leigh did a book signing at my favorite indie bookstore. She was friends w the owner, so she agreed to hang out with the budding writing group Seirra, Tawny Taylor (when she could – she had a toddler at home, and being a pro, she didn’t need the amount of handholding  we did, lol) and another lady had started. As we talked to Lora about our writing struggles, the main one (well, for everyone but Sierra) was that we could write striking scenes, but had trouble stringing them together. So Lora gave us a challenge. Each of us was to write a short story that shared a world and characters w the other two… Together we’d come up w some facimile of a complete story. We also had to write something that pushed our boundaries. Double eep.

Sierra started w a very short and incomplete BDSM Carrie’s Answer. I wrote the m/m voyeur scene from Meredith’s Awakening. Our third writer didn’t have email at the time, so she missed a lot of our online brainstorming. She contributed a *beautifully* written scene w a bastard brother for Marcus and Meredith, but she was determined that Meredith love him, and also that Meredith play the femme fatal.

If you’ve read Meredith’s Awakening, you know that is the polar opposite of who Meredith is.

So, as she despised Meredith for her anger and unresolved issues, she decided to bow out. I’m not in touch w her anymore, but I hope she’s somewhere out there writing. I have NEVER read more sublime descriptions of the ocean. Ever.

That left Sierra and me w two partially finished books and a gaping hole where the third part of the braid belonged. I’m not sure which of us came up w the idea to collaborate on that last story… I think it was Sierra. I *do* know that making it a m/m/f was me… my kink was well under way.

“Hmmmm,” says I. “That dick-head Daniel  from Carrie’s Answer was bi, wasn’t he? What if we hook him up w Marcus’ supposedly straight baby brother?” Cue the miniacal laughter – we were gonna f*ck w these boys SO HARD.

So, we actually wrote Daniel’s Surrender first, and everything about writing it was a joy. That sucker seemed to flow directly from my brain through my keyboard. And, we thought it just might be GOOD!

At that point we realized we actually worked pretty well together, and went back and did some major surgery on Carrie’s Answer, and some INSANELY major surgery on Meredith’s Awakening, and there we were w a completed trilogy. How the heck did THAT happen?

So, Sierra researched e-pubs while I wrote the synopsis (gak!) and after submitting it to four publishers, on New Year’s Day, Liquid Silver made us an offer we couldn’t refuse. (Though we might have if we’d had a clue how traumatic the edits would be – not like mechanics or plot holes, but entire plot changes, with our editor trying to muscle us into modeling Marcus after Jaime from Outlander. Um, hello. Sexual Dominant here!) She also “made” us change a major plot point, which neither of us ever really hot over resenting.*

Be that as it may, the Worthington Group trilogy did well, and we left it there a loooong time before the lure of having it in print (and fixing that damned plot change that was gnawing at us both) seduced us to Ellora’s Cave.

So, directly below is the original cover art from the first, Liquid Silver, edition of Carrie’s Answer.


Now Carrie and the rest of the Worthington’s are safely at EC under the series title Corporate Affairs. They’re good, and Sierra and I are stupidly proud of them. And they’re all available in print! And, as much as we loved the original cover – Check. This. Out.


Please buy it (and the sequels). Yes, it’s at Ellora’s Cave. Buy it anyway.  Writing this series was like giving birth to triplets – moments of beauty, hours of pain, and in the end, something we are so proud of and excited to share w the world

*We asked very nicely for a new editor for book two – since we were newbies and wanted to see how we worked w people of different styles. Terri Schaffer took us under her wing, and made editing a constructive and productive undertaking. Thank you, Chica. Love you forever!

Saturday Snark – no really, there’s snark this time!

So, I’m going with a bit of a theme this week. New Years Day, many, many moons ago, Sierra and I signed the contract for Carrie’s Answer. Cue the confetti and champagne. Here is a bit of snark from Marcus (our sexy, Domly, NOT CHRISTIAN GRAY hero) and Daniel, his best friend, as they cruise the available… entertainment at Club Velvet Ice. Daniel, a VERY bad boy, encounters a blast from the past he’d prefer to forget…

“Heeey, Daniel.” A musical male voice spoke from a few feet away. “Long time no see.”

Marcus hid his smile as a perky couple approached the booth. Daniel slid closer to Marcus.

“I’ve been busy.” He didn’t look up from his drink.

Marcus held back his laughter. It was rare to see the smooth Daniel Ellis squirm, but this preppie-swinger-wannabe couple managed it easily.
This time the petite, redheaded female half of the couple spoke. “John and I were hoping to run into you again.”
Daniel looked relaxed. Only Marcus noticed the small lines of tension around his blue eyes.

“John, Susan, I told you the last time was really the last time.” Daniel was being cold and abrupt, entirely unlike his usual suave self.
Amusing as the situation was, he supposed it was time to come to his best friend’s aid. It would serve the arrogant bastard right if Marcus got up and left his ass alone.

Sending him a wicked smile, Marcus slid his hand across the table, covering Daniel’s fingers with his own. The couple, whom Marcus had privately dubbed “Bondage Barbie and Ken”, stared at Marcus for a brief moment before flicking their gazes back to Daniel.

Daniel grabbed the gesture–and Marcus’ hand–like the lifeline they were, flipping his own hand up to wrap around Marcus’ fingers.

“Besides,” Daniel added, finally looking up at the couple. “My schedule is pretty full.”

Only Marcus saw the relief in Daniel’s sultry smile.

The couple colored, murmured their goodbyes and turned, trying to hide their embarrassment. They left the room without looking back.

Marcus laughed at Daniel’s scowl. “What’s wrong, Danny-boy? Break another couple’s hearts?”

Daniel caught the bartender’s attention and signaled for another round.

“Broke their hearts? Let me tell you about John and Susan. She’s fucking the pool boy, and so is he. Neither of them bothered to inform the other. I found out and disengaged myself from the situation.”

Marcus barked out a laugh as Daniel continued. “I don’t know who was more broken-hearted, John, Sue or the pool boy. He hit on me too, and I let it slip when I informed them that I wasn’t going to see them again. It was a nice two weeks but, damn, it’s been over three years now. I am not traveling down that road again.”

“Well.” Marcus smirked. “You’ve gotta give them points for being persistent.”

Now, your snark doesn’t need to be nearly this long… Mine usually won’t be. It just needs to be fun and obnoxious.  And, because you waded through the snark, here’s another pretty man!


Saturday Snark – or, turning over a new leaf…

The RevSo, a couple weeks ago I mentioned that I wanted to start blogging regularly, and more effectively. So, I came up with a plan! Three days a week you should hear from me: On Mondays for MONDAY MANCANDY (oh, yeah, baby – I gots it by the fuck-ton!), Thursdays for THURSDAY THROWBACK, wherein I will share the history of Violet Summers/VJ Summers through books, haiku, and occasional song. I apologize in advance. And, maybe my favorite of all: SATURDAY SNARK. I got this idea from Marie Sexton, who did it for quite a while a couple of years ago, and pretty soon a bunch of us joined in via a linkety at the bottom of her posts. I have NO IDEA how to set a linkety, so I’ll just invite anyone with awesome snark to post it in the comments. Also, because I’m incredibly snarky in real life, but it doesn’t always translate into my writing, I’m going to invite author friends to contribute. So, while the first few might be all me, hopefully we’ll get some awesome snark from some awesome authors. (Mercy Celeste, in Crazy from the Heat, wrote some of the best I’ve ever read. As did K.A. Mitchell in Bad Boyfriend.)

So, here’s a sexy boy, then on to the snark!


Five years ago tonight, at the Detroit Auto Show Charity Preview, Matthew Worthington and Daniel Ellis shared their first blow job in Daniel’s Surrender.  It was a fucking AWESOME blow job, too, if I say so myself!

danielssurrender_msr(That’s Shannon. She’s sort of the heart of the boys’ relationship. So, yeah, LOTS of m/m deliciousness, but also a goodly amount of boobies, as well. The story wouldn’t have worked without her!)

THESE are some of the pictures that were my inspiration for Daniel’s Surrender. Matty… Daniel… Matty AND Daniel…

cropped-matthew-1.jpg so ashamed Panorama

(That’s kinda Brady on the left, and kinda Dorian next to the last – the couples? Pure Daniel and Matty!)

Catch up with the new and improved Worthington Group series, Corporate Affairs, available right HERE at Ellora’s Cave, and on sale until the end of the month!

Joey W Hill!

There, did I get your attention?

Come see me tonight at her UNRESTRAINED Facebook party. I’ll be revealing the rover for my super-kinky Christmas short story Santa Claus is COMING! and giving away a copy of YOUR CHOICE from my backlist, and a shiny new copy of Santa, hot off the presses on December 15th!

JWH Unrestrained Release Party & GIVEAWAYS!!!

joeys partyjoeys party

Even the Meme Gods Love Carrie’s Answer!

The wonderful Rosemary Gunn shared this on my FB page – See, I’ve been saying all along that Marcus Worthington blows Christian Grey out of the water! HA!

carrie beats grey

And, of course, Carrie’s Answer – book one in the Corporate Affairs series – is available at HERE at Ellora’s Cave, HERE at  Amazon for kindle, HERE at Barnes & Noble for Nook, and HERE at ARe. Check it out!


Getting Ready for RomantiCon and GRL – and Snark

So, this time tomorrow, instead of trying to type while my very large and overly affectionate cat rubs all over my hands and face, I’ll be at EC’s RomantiCon getting ready for the public book signing at the SEXpo – which I actually have TWO print books for! I’m bummed beyond words to miss the whole Con – the workshops in the past have been awesome, and the company even better. Unfortunately the demise of my day job, as acrimonious as our “relationship” was, made it necessary for me to choose, and since I’m primarily a m/m writer, business sense dictated choosing GRL and Albuquerque. Which is my other squee – Tuesday afternoon I’ll be winging my way toward New Mexico and GayRomLit! Last year was so far  beyond awesome, I can’t even begin to describe it. And, looking at the calendar, I expect this year to be even better!

So, at RomantiCon, look for me tomorrow at the public signing. I’ll be there with Sierra signing copies of Carrie’s Answer and Meredith’s Awakening. Hopefully I’ll also have cover flats for Melting and Under the Influence.

Then, if you’re at GRL next weekend, look for me there, too! I’ll be doing a reading Saturday, at 10, I think. I’ll also have copies of Velvet Memories, the last Liquid Silver “Violet Summers” book, and the most recent Scenes from Velvet Ice novella. V-M is no longer available at LSB (in fact, none of the Violet Summers are available at LSB due to a slight snafu as we re-acquired rights to our stories), so the ONLY place you’ll be able to get it is from me at GRL. (::very sad face::)

SOOOO… In honor of my RC signing this week’s snark is another clip from Daniel’s Surrender. Be warned, Daniel is a mmf menage, so you’ll find a goodly amount of boobies. In fact, this snark has some boobies, though they stay entirely covered in this clip.

The set up: Daniel is on his way to confront Matthew about their situation – Marcus’ disappearance, Marc and Daniel’s past sharing of women (including Marc’s evil ex-wife and the current love of his life), and the relationship between Matt and Daniel that Daniel is determined to deny.

Lost in thought, he wasn’t looking where he was going when he felt a bump. Hearing a small “Omph.” He looked down.

Sprawled on the floor in front of him was the most delicious pixie he’d encountered in a long while.

“You just going to stand there, or are you going to help a girl up?”

Daniel crossed his arms. Her voice was mellow. It reminded him of music. And there was something in her eyes. An openness. A calming effect when she looked at him. It warmed his insides, relieving some of the tension he’d felt just a moment before.

“Well, I don’t know,” he deliberately ran his eyes over her curvy body, “what’s my incentive for helping a damsel in distress?”

“Listen, big guy, you can’t knock a girl on her ass and expect her to help herself up. What kind of gentleman would you be?” She had the most adorable way of wrinkling her nose when she smiled. He wanted to see her smile again.

Daniel laughed, the first real one he’d had in a long time. Reaching down, he grasped her forearm, helping her to stand. He deliberately pulled too hard, causing her to stumble straight into his arms. He tightened his grip around her back. Her smell was intoxicating, her nipples, hard little nubs brushed over his chest. Thoughts of her lying between him and Matt clouded his brain. She made a small sound as she felt his erection growing.

“Angel, I’m not a gentleman of any sort.”

Daniel’s Surrender is the final book in the Corporate Affairs trilogy, available now at Ellora’s Cave. Carrie’s Answer, book one, is currently available in paperback, and Meredith’s Awakening, book two, is available as a special release tomorrow at RomantiCon (it’ll have an official release sometime in the next few months), and Daniel’s Surrender is available in ebook format, though we hope to see it in print sometime early-ish next year. Get them HERE.

I’m pretty sure I’m the only one snarking this week – everyone’s wrapped up in getting ready to travel – (I’m embarrassed to say I’ve been packed since last week…), but as always if you scroll through Marie Sexton’s website, you’ll find a linky tool with the addies of the usual snarky suspects.

So, on a final note – if you’re at RomantiCon, COME SAY HI! I’m desperately afraid Sierra and I will end up sitting alone at a table for four hours! And, if you’re at GRL, COME SAY HI! Believe it or not, when you get me IRL, I’m a bit on the shy and reclusive side. But if *you* come to *me*, I’ll be so grateful you’ll probably have a friend for life!

Safe travels to all my author and reader friends!