NaNo Week 1: “Na-Uh-Oh!”

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Not nearly enough words were written last week. Not. Nearly. Enough. I missed NaNo’s goal by a mile. I missed *my* goal by a galaxy. I have reasons AND excuses (and no, I don’t think the two are synonymous), but the fact is, I need to prioritize better, and stop letting the whole adulting thing paralyze me. Ack.

So, MORE WORDS WILL BE WRITTEN THIS WEEK! Which should be somewhat less daunting than last week, as whilst *not* writing, I did a large amount of scene building in my head. Yay, me, lol.

So in honor of NaNo Reboot: Inspirational ManCandy!

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ManCandy: The Blood Rose Edition!

Inspirational eyecandy as I finish up the first Blood Rose story (coming from Changeling in November).

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Flashback Friday

With all the “stuff” that happened this year, it’s been easy to forget that in order to be an author… I have to WRITE. Ha. Recently a couple of author/editor friends I respect enormously reminded me that I don’t suck as an author. Then I got a truly fantastic reader review of Light a Candle on ARe. *Then* I got the opportunity to sign a brand spanking new contract with Changeling Press for a “fun” (okay, it’s increasingly intense BDSM type fun) paranormal series, AND the kind of warm welcome back that sorta makes me feel like I don’t *entirely* suck as an artist and human being.

So, for Flashback Friday (after that massive info dump, lol), I’m sharing the release later this month of the 2nd edition of Willa’s Master, a het BDSM Changeling Hot Flash.


I’m also sharing a couple of awards nominations Sierra and I got. It’s been a while, and I’d honestly forgotten them. Maybe with some new wind beneath my wings, I can get back there, yeah?



FINALLY, Throwback Thursday!

So, long ago, in a galaxy far away, Sheri Ross Fogarty came to Sierra and I and said, “hey, you got anything for us?”

Overachievers that we are, we came up with a 12 fricking part series: The Queens of Merab.

Here’s the general blurb:

On the world of Merab, women rule while men weird the magic. It’s been an equitable system – until now. Crown Princess Temair finds herself on a Tour of the Queen Dom in search of her four Consorts — the four men whose Elemental magic will awaken her own. In the process she’s also found a troubled society where the men are tired of being used and exploited. Faced with rebellion and betrayal, Temair and her Consorts must find the strength within each other to become true leaders.

The original 4 book series began with Temair’s Fyre, a…um… Hot story of Temair and her first Consort, Fyre Lord Miach. This was the cover, which wasn’t particularly popular, but which I loved because the look on Temair’s face so perfectly fit her situation. A chubby bookworm, thrown into a position of power and, Goddess help her, SEX, long before she expected it.


The books that follow explore not only a society in conflict, but a growing family in conflict. (Including the INSANELY Sexual tension between Miach and Second Consort, Dathan). While the stories aren’t currently available individually, you can find them HERE at Changeling Press for the ridiculously low price of $5.99 for the boxed set of four! They’re also on ARe and Amazon, though I haven’t price checked there.

Watch out Saturday for some Merab snark!

Monday Mancandy – Playing with FYRE

In preparation for Throwback Thursday’s visit to Merab, I give you Miach, First Consort and FYRE Lord.