True L♡VE’s Snark

In honor of Valentine’s Day, today I’m going to share some snark from one of my Velvet Scenes stories. If you read any of the Worthington stories, you know all about Club Velvet Ice. Our Velvet Scenes stories, Sierra and I revisited Velvet Ice, peeking at the mysterious third floor to see what’s going on.

Velvet Valentines is the story of Derek and Elise – a committed couple well on the way to their HEA until Elise discovers Derek’s secret past as a Dom. Shenanigans ensue as Elise sets out to prove to Derek that she’s not made of glass, and their relationship is stronger than his fear.

velvetvalentines_9781419945151_msr(Best Cover Ever! Thanks, Syneca!)

Snark (Derek has just found out Elise “borrowed” his gold coin and crashed the Valentine’s Bacchanalia. Now he’s desperate to “rescue” her before she gets in over her head. Problem is – how does he get in if she’s got his coin???):
He took the stairs two at a time until he reached the third floor, where a bouncer stood with his arms crossed. A red security shirt took the place of the normal black ones.

He held out his hand. “Coin.”

“Fuck,” Derek growled as he realized that Elise had his coin. “Listen, man, my girlfriend is up there and using my coin. She’s a total novice. I have to get to her before she gets in over her head.”

The bouncer raised a questioning eyebrow at Derek and asked his name. Still eyeing Derek doubtfully, he spoke into his radio. The answer came back after endless seconds and the bouncer moved to the side to allow Derek to pass.

“Glad to see you again, Master Derek.” Sinclair Martin was waiting at the smoked glass doors leading to the play area.

“Dammit, Sin,” Derek gritted out, frustrated by the delay. “Why the fuck did you let her in?” Derek didn’t know what reaction he’d expected, but it hadn’t been for Sin to laugh and slap him on the back.

“Oh, man, you have a lot to learn about loving your woman.”

“There is nothing you can tell me about loving Elise.” Derek just barely kept his anger in check. He wouldn’t accomplish anything beyond wasting more time by punching Sin in his smirking face. “And since when have you become an expert on the subject of love, Master Sin?”

“Since he *fell* in love.” Derek turned his head toward the smooth, feminine voice. A tall voluptuous beauty in a snow-white dress that showcased some truly impressive curves walked up behind Sin and wrapped her arms around his waist.

“I’ll be damned,” Derek murmured. He’d never imagined that Sinclair Martin would be off the market, but from the rock sitting on the woman’s finger, the Dom was well and truly bought and paid for.