Heart: Shattered

So, I began 2016 with a rather ambivalent post. 2015 ended on a low note, 2016 started the same…

Then David Bowie died. My heart broke a little.



I’ve been playing Bowie pretty much constantly since.

I was at the day job, so today was a late news check in day for me. The FIRST thing I see?

Alan Rickman has died.

Also at age 69, also of cancer, and I am weeping at the loss.


I’ll give vague credit for this stunning illustration to Laura Aleman Striplin’s tattoo artist (whose name I forgot 😕).


We live in a world of “junk food” entertainment. And, yeah. Junk food has its place. I’m a fan of Micky D’s fries. But in all the chaos and noise, I think we often lose sight of true artistry and sheer, knock-you-on-your-ass talent.

This week we’ve lost two unique, fierce and fearless artists. And the thinking, literate world mourns…


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  1. Love this post.

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