Sunday Snark

So, my current obsession has been listening to Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files on audio book. This started because I wanted something to listen to on the way up to BlissFest, and I just *cannot* listen to sexy audio books. Write it? Oh, yeah. Read it? OH, yeah! But hearing it out loud? Nope. Doesn’t work for me.


I’d read the Codex Aleria high fantasy series, and liked it a lot, and (of course) I’d heard of the Dresden Files – I only live under a rock part time – though I haven’t seen the TV show – so it was a fairly easy choice. The books get better & more multi-layered as they go. I’m on book 13 now (I told you. Obsessed.) and Harry (and Murphy, and Thomas, and Ramerez, and Bob…) are constantly tossing out killer one liners. My favorite (from book 2, I think):

“Sleep is god. Go worship.”

So, this is snark & a random recommendation all in one!


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