Wednesday Words of Wisdom

Welcome to a new, semi-regular and probably temporary feature: VJ’s Wednesday Words of Wisdom  (or W3). It’ll be semi-regular and sporadic because I know most of you are dropping in for the hot menz, like him:

photo (22)

Yep. That’s the ticket. Sigh… And even *I* get weary of my navel gazing. BUT for the last several months I’ve been ruminating over several truths that I’ve known in my head, but maybe not felt in my gut. I’ve also had a few epiphanies – some in relation to me, some in relation to my “inner circle”. Are some cliched? Of course. But things become cliche for a readon, right?

So, because like my characters, these realizations won’t leave me alone ’til I write them down, you get to skim this post for the sexy guy above, and the music video below and, most likely skip the stuff in between.

So, brace yourself. Deep philosophical truth is hurtling on its way.

A person who will talk about others to you? Will talk about you to others. I’m guilty of “harmless” gossip more often than I feel okay about. Heck, it’s human nature to be curious and to try to “fix” or “help”. 

But it’s not all – not even *mostly* -harmless conversation. (For that matter, what’s harmless in my opinion might be traumatic to you…)

A person who will talk about others – I’m not talking “yo, buy X’s new book, it’s awesome – may or may not spin things to benefit her/himself. They may or may not be telling the truth. Heck, they may or may not even *know* what the truth is. (IMO, that’s the more destructive kind af gossip/back biting.) They may also be telling a truth that’s less than flattering.

So, what do you do? I think a vigorous, vocal defense is more likely to either escalate the situation, or make the gossip look more feasible. My advice? Live your life. Take the high road. Do not engage, because that adds fuel to your nemesis’ fire. Yeah, it sucks. If you need to rant, confine it to close friends. I’d go so far as to suggest you don’t put it on the computer; it’s far too easy to cut & paste in the heat of the moment.

I *know* that’s easier said than done. BELIEVE me, I know. But there’s nothing to be gained from engaging in a flame war – even when both “combatants” use veiled and/or ambiguous references to the incident. 

Okay, so I’ve pontificated and sermonized. Now here’s a fabulous video of a fabulous song by the fabulous Neon Trees. Enjoy!

neon-trees-630x472 maxresdefault


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