Saturday Spring Cleaning

So, I had a whole, lengthy, in depth post planned. But im writing on my phone, so that isn’t happening, lol.

My house is a disaster – my garden is a disaster (but planned disaster w an end in sight, at least). But that’s not really the kind of Spring Cleaning I mean.

Its been a crappy few years, but 2015 was looking up. Then *POW POW POW POW* I took a quadruple hit with the unexpected ending of two long (long, long) term friendships, and some health problems w my mom that sounded incredibly scary, though they were fairly minor in the end. Then the kid & her boyfriend were “evicted” from her condo… and that’s a whole thing. And two of the people I was counting on for support were in the wind.

I learned something important through this, though. People who accuse you of stuff are often projecting their own shit onto you bc, in their minds, if *they* do it, *everyone* must do it, too. The second, probably more important thing is that after a while, you start to realize maybe the source of negativity wasn’t you – or, at least, wasn’t ALL you.

You wake up one morning and realize that a cloud that’s been hovering over you, unnoticed, has begun to lift. That negative energy feeds on negative energy, creating a feedback loop you likely dont even notice until it’s gone.

Okay, so maybe this got a little wordy after all. My point, at any rate, is that your soul needs a periodic Spring Cleaning, too. Sometimes it’s bittersweet – sorta like when you donate things that you once thought you couldn’t live without. But that leaves room for wonderful new opportunities and relationships.

And, because you were patient and read this whole fuffing thing, here’s a sexy guy for you!



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