Well, I can’t call it snark, because it’s actually more philosophy…

Follow me down the rabbit hole, if you will. So. I just finished re-reading The WASPs by Clancy Nacht & Thursday Euclid. And I enjoyed the reissue as much as the original (very little alteration – actually not enough to mention). That got me thinking about how much I enjoy alltheir stuff – and how they have the ability to go from bombastic, gritty anti-heroes like Jett Black, to over the top, almost satirical, Gatsby-esque characters like Tyrone, Blake, and Daisy. And Bitsy!God forbid I forget her!

That, of course, led to me re-reading Black Gold. Love it. Love it more every time.

So, instead of snark, Imma give you philosophy ala Jett. Then some Bowie. Cuz you can’t have Black Gold w out Bowie.

Jett himself wasn’t sure what any of it really meant. He just wrote these things to get them out, to purge himself of his confusion and then share it with audiences like a wounded animal lashing out, hurting others because he was hurt. Whatever it was, it made him feel lighter after he

performed – cleansed, as though the lights and noise and the chanting of his name by innumerable heavily accented voices had chased away the demons on his back.

Get Black Gold, and the equally fantastic sequel here:

And now, Bowie:


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