Saturday Snark – I ♡ Ty & Zane


So, better late than never, right? As you may remember, Throwback Thursday was my introduction to the Cut & Run universe, and the fact I got choked up even at the funny parts (maybe *especially* at the funny parts) of Crash & Burn, knowing it was a farewell. It *almost* makes me feel better that Abi got choked up for the same reason while writing it.

Abi also graciously gave me permission to borrow some Ty & Zane snark, to tie the week up nicely. So I got out Cut & Run (yes, I actually have the series in print), and started looking for an appropriate snippet. And, there was one on every damned page.  So here I am on pg 132, at 6:37, and I have no idea when I stopped skimming and started actually reading, but there you go. The magic of Cut & Run.

I will give you some snark – in a second. But first, thank you Abi for sharing Ty with us. Thank you for, when you found yourself abandoned, adopting Zane, and continuing to share their adventures (and, I’d bet, a chunk of your soul w each one) with us. And, on an anal editor note, dayam, girl. The first book was good enough to bring me back, but I swear your writing has improved exponentially with each new story! You rock!

So, without further ado, snark:

(At this point the sexual tension is about to snap. They’ve gotten the fight out of the way, now they’re on the slippery slope to the fuck.)

(Ty) “I’m sorry I hit you,” he offered grudgingly.

Zane looked up, surprised to hear it, and he nodded slowly, carefully considering what to say. “I’m thankful you didn’t just snap my neck,” he finally said, looking down at the bag in his hands.

“I wouldn’t do that,” Ty responded as he watched Zane, enjoying his discomfort with a small smirk. “Got a bum shoulder; it would hurt like a bitch.”

Zane made a face and looked back up at him. “Gee, thanks. Feeling the love. Really.”

There’s SOOO much more where that came from. An entire series of snark, philosophy, increasingly scorching sex, and a cast of the most dynsmic, evolving characters I’ve ever let into my heart.

Go, read them if you haven’t already. And, thanks Abi, for an almost decade long roller-coaster ride.

Now Imma finish re-read eleventy-billion.


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