Throwback Thursday – with PEGGING!

One of the early BDSM stories Sierra and I was a short for an anthology call from Phaze Books. They were looking for Domme stories, and we’d never written that, so we figured what the heck. Let’s give it a try! We’re both incredibly proud of how Stacey and Ben’s story came out. For a short, it covers a lot of issues – body dismorphia, the difficulty of being honest with your partner about what you need, the journey of personal growth, the courage to face your fears…

Here’s the original cover (I’ll admit, I tinkered and made it slightly more pastel, though we were pretty happy with it as-was – which was much starker and with a lot of red…).

Binding Ben 1


And *here’s* the spanky new cover it got at Ellora’s Cave. Where it’s available NOW. (Remember to scroll down – the books are listed after the bio – ALSO, you’ll notice the Quickie “Educating Nadia”, which is a companion book to Binding Ben. They both entirely stand alone, but Nadia is a lot of fun for you kinky het readers!)