Three Degrees of Snark

So, this post is later than usual because I was determined to use snark from my antho with Stephanie Hecht and Jackie Nacht, Three Degrees of Heat. But, honestly, my contribution might just rival Amy Lane for Angst & Pain, and there wasn’t much snark to be found. So, instead I’m giving you a bit of my favorite scene in my novella – as a way to help Scotty, the badly abused Omega, begin to recover both physically and emotionally, Axe, Leash Beta, has him shift and takes him out to… play. This was fun to write, and I hope will be fun to read. It isn’t snark, but it’s got the seeds of joy that might just one day allow Scott to let loose his inner snark and give poor Axe a run for his money!

Axe was hard by nature, not cruel, but objective. He had to be, in his role as Enforcer. Axe, the man, was a hardass, but something about Scotty called to the gentleness he hadn’t known he possessed.

Axe, the fox, was another beast altogether. His fox wasn’t burdened with the responsibilities and duties that Axe shouldered as Leash Beta. Axe’s fox had the luxury to be playful, and he was.

Tonight, he turned the full force of that playfulness on the younger, smaller, more vulnerable fox who followed him gingerly as he wound through the trees.
Axe zigged. Then he zagged. He slunk around from behind and nipped the Omega lightly on his flank.
Scotty responded beautifully, giving a little yelp and practically levitating. Axe, having a fine old time, scuttled around him, catching the golden fox’s tail and giving it a tug.

Scotty’s amber-green eyes narrowed, and he cocked his head as he studied Axe as if he were an intriguing—and somewhat scary, as that tiny germ of fear was still in his pretty eyes—puzzle that he had no choice but to solve.

Axe crouched in front of the Omega, his own tail waving like a plume. He would swear he felt the moment the younger fox gave in like a physical touch. All at once, the red-gold fox bared his teeth in what was clearly a playful snarl, and leapt at Axe, barreling into his side in a lunge that would have flattened the Beta if Scotty had had any weight to him. As it was, Axe let himself tumble and roll, coming up facing Scotty and returning the movement. The Omega made a sharp noise, and the game began.

Remember, you can get Three Degrees of Heat at eXtasy Books, HERE.

And hear the terribly brave Wt Prater and Co interview Steph, Jackie and me on W.O.N.’s podcast from last Monday HERE.


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