Three Degrees of Heat Throwback

It’s been, unbelievably, a good two years since the Three Degrees anthology came out! I learned a ton working w Stephani Hecht and Jackie Nacht, and came to deeply love the world and characters. I like to imagine Axe and Scotty working through Scotty’s issues, and eventually arriving at a place where their Domination and submission is as much a joy for them both as a refuge. It might not happen “on the page”, but I know it will happen.


I’m throwing back to Three Degrees rather than continuing my passive aggressive campaign against 50 Shades of Domestic Violence*, is because Steph, Jackie and I had the great fun of guesting with WT Prater and Jennifer McFarland on Writers Online Network’s blogcast. Listen to it HERE:

It was a new experience for me, and lots of fun – to reconnect with WT, Steph and Jackie, and to get to know Jennifer… An honor and truly a pleasure!



You can find Three Degrees of Heat Here:  at eXtasy Books. Stay tuned Saturday for some Three Degrees snark!

* NOTE: Because when he rescues Scott, the Omega is in a precarious mental state due to his abus at the hands of his sociopathic former Alpha, Axe puts him under a pretty heavy submission 24/7, until Scott comes enough out of his fear to be functional on his own and begin to re-enter society… This is a contrast to Christian Grey, who systematically breaks Ana down, isolates her from everyone but him, and is inconsistent enough to give the most steady, calm person alive an anxiety disorder.


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