Throwback Thursday: Carrie’s Answer

So, a long time ago (like 9-ish years) in a galaxy far away (like, Westland) Lora Leigh did a book signing at my favorite indie bookstore. She was friends w the owner, so she agreed to hang out with the budding writing group Seirra, Tawny Taylor (when she could – she had a toddler at home, and being a pro, she didn’t need the amount of handholding  we did, lol) and another lady had started. As we talked to Lora about our writing struggles, the main one (well, for everyone but Sierra) was that we could write striking scenes, but had trouble stringing them together. So Lora gave us a challenge. Each of us was to write a short story that shared a world and characters w the other two… Together we’d come up w some facimile of a complete story. We also had to write something that pushed our boundaries. Double eep.

Sierra started w a very short and incomplete BDSM Carrie’s Answer. I wrote the m/m voyeur scene from Meredith’s Awakening. Our third writer didn’t have email at the time, so she missed a lot of our online brainstorming. She contributed a *beautifully* written scene w a bastard brother for Marcus and Meredith, but she was determined that Meredith love him, and also that Meredith play the femme fatal.

If you’ve read Meredith’s Awakening, you know that is the polar opposite of who Meredith is.

So, as she despised Meredith for her anger and unresolved issues, she decided to bow out. I’m not in touch w her anymore, but I hope she’s somewhere out there writing. I have NEVER read more sublime descriptions of the ocean. Ever.

That left Sierra and me w two partially finished books and a gaping hole where the third part of the braid belonged. I’m not sure which of us came up w the idea to collaborate on that last story… I think it was Sierra. I *do* know that making it a m/m/f was me… my kink was well under way.

“Hmmmm,” says I. “That dick-head Daniel  from Carrie’s Answer was bi, wasn’t he? What if we hook him up w Marcus’ supposedly straight baby brother?” Cue the miniacal laughter – we were gonna f*ck w these boys SO HARD.

So, we actually wrote Daniel’s Surrender first, and everything about writing it was a joy. That sucker seemed to flow directly from my brain through my keyboard. And, we thought it just might be GOOD!

At that point we realized we actually worked pretty well together, and went back and did some major surgery on Carrie’s Answer, and some INSANELY major surgery on Meredith’s Awakening, and there we were w a completed trilogy. How the heck did THAT happen?

So, Sierra researched e-pubs while I wrote the synopsis (gak!) and after submitting it to four publishers, on New Year’s Day, Liquid Silver made us an offer we couldn’t refuse. (Though we might have if we’d had a clue how traumatic the edits would be – not like mechanics or plot holes, but entire plot changes, with our editor trying to muscle us into modeling Marcus after Jaime from Outlander. Um, hello. Sexual Dominant here!) She also “made” us change a major plot point, which neither of us ever really hot over resenting.*

Be that as it may, the Worthington Group trilogy did well, and we left it there a loooong time before the lure of having it in print (and fixing that damned plot change that was gnawing at us both) seduced us to Ellora’s Cave.

So, directly below is the original cover art from the first, Liquid Silver, edition of Carrie’s Answer.


Now Carrie and the rest of the Worthington’s are safely at EC under the series title Corporate Affairs. They’re good, and Sierra and I are stupidly proud of them. And they’re all available in print! And, as much as we loved the original cover – Check. This. Out.


Please buy it (and the sequels). Yes, it’s at Ellora’s Cave. Buy it anyway.  Writing this series was like giving birth to triplets – moments of beauty, hours of pain, and in the end, something we are so proud of and excited to share w the world

*We asked very nicely for a new editor for book two – since we were newbies and wanted to see how we worked w people of different styles. Terri Schaffer took us under her wing, and made editing a constructive and productive undertaking. Thank you, Chica. Love you forever!