Saturday Snark – or, turning over a new leaf…

The RevSo, a couple weeks ago I mentioned that I wanted to start blogging regularly, and more effectively. So, I came up with a plan! Three days a week you should hear from me: On Mondays for MONDAY MANCANDY (oh, yeah, baby – I gots it by the fuck-ton!), Thursdays for THURSDAY THROWBACK, wherein I will share the history of Violet Summers/VJ Summers through books, haiku, and occasional song. I apologize in advance. And, maybe my favorite of all: SATURDAY SNARK. I got this idea from Marie Sexton, who did it for quite a while a couple of years ago, and pretty soon a bunch of us joined in via a linkety at the bottom of her posts. I have NO IDEA how to set a linkety, so I’ll just invite anyone with awesome snark to post it in the comments. Also, because I’m incredibly snarky in real life, but it doesn’t always translate into my writing, I’m going to invite author friends to contribute. So, while the first few might be all me, hopefully we’ll get some awesome snark from some awesome authors. (Mercy Celeste, in Crazy from the Heat, wrote some of the best I’ve ever read. As did K.A. Mitchell in Bad Boyfriend.)

So, here’s a sexy boy, then on to the snark!



  1. I think this is a wonderful thing for you to do and I wish upon you much success here. I must also add that I think it is wonderful that you found a pic with a man who has two nipple tattoos among his stars 🙂

  2. OMG…All I can say is BRADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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