What an AWESOME Review!!!!!

Huge thanks to Book Addict for THIS fantastic review of Sierra and my EC Quickie The Velvet Whip. You can buy it HERE! I was especially thrilled by this –

“I’d rather you didn’t draw actual blood.” She glanced up through dark lashes. “I mean, like the dripping-down-my-back kind, not the whip-crack-abrasion kind.” loc 126-127

This is one piece caught my attention and impressed me. I’ve never seen another author make this kind of comparison. When authors inject little tidbits like this, it helps me get into the story better. It also draws a very clear picture in my mind as to how the submissive’s back is going to look like. Imagine the scene and vicarious living through Ginger’s experiences gives me a little pick me up between my own impact sessions.

because it was *my* line, lol.


So thank you, thank you, thank you BDSM Book Reviews for not only this great analysis, but for helping to educate the BDSM book-loving readers about what safe-sane-consensual and realistic really look like. A million kisses (with a flogger if you prefer) and my deep gratitude!


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