It’s My Birthday!

And, cuz it’s SO much more fun to give than to receive, first, here’s an Instant Gratification present!

eye-candy-tattoo-boys-17_largeHe’s pretty, but I think he got into my cake!

Now for the OTHER prezzy. So, when I was fifteen and was ordering my class ring, a boy I kinda liked told me I should definitely not get a silver ring because, “You were born to wear gold.” Yeah. I know. ::snort:: I, of course recounted this to my mom and, every year after that on my birthday – until the last several when she’s been unable to – she bought me a gold charm for a charm bracelet. Each charm had special meaning, and I cherish it with all my heart.

birthdaylicks_9781419942068_msr SantaClausIsComing_VJSummers bigstock-Legs-Wearing-Red-Boots-6652072

So, to win your choice of either Birthday Licks, my m/m BDSM birthday spanking Quickie, Santa Clause is Coming, my pervy Santa and the drag queen story OR Something to Talk About, the m/m/f menage Sierra and I have at Amazon and ARe (on sale for $1.49 at Amazon through the New Year!), leave me a comment telling me about your best OR worst birthday present or memory. Winner will be randomly chosen by Old Dude (who will likely close his eyes and point, cuz that’s how he rolls!). (Click on book titles for blurbs, excerpts and buy links!)




  1. Happy Birthday VJ. My co workers organised a beach party to celebrate my 40th birthday. It turned out to be my last birthday with them all so it holds a special place in my memories.

    • Ooh! A beach party would be awesome! Being a December baby, I remember one year my mom taking me and a friend to see a movie during a blizzard and some poor, nice, random man helping tow our car out of a snowbank!

  2. Happy Birthday!

    It was when I was at junior high school. I brought candy and snacks to school and I simply handed them out to my friends. But this boy I had a crush on refused my snack when he extended a hand. He said he just wanted to shake my hand. I looked up at him and his serious face, and shook his hand. He smiled and left. Oh my God. He was so cute! 🙂

    • ::Dies::
      God, those junior high boys sure do a number on our own junior high hormones, don’t they? So, was that it? Did he ever make another move?

  3. Happy Birthday! My worst present was a $1 cheap teddy bear from the gas station which was bought by my husband the afternoon of my birthday.

  4. Happy Birthday!

    My worst present(s) were: one year my (then) husband bought me 4 tires for his car, the second worst was when he bought me a new walk behind lawnmower for our 5 acre yard because he didn’t want to spend the money to get the riding mower overhauled. I was 2 mos pregnant that Christmas and was as big as a house come time to mow.

    • I’m really happy to see he WAS your THEN husband! Pregnant wife doing 5 acres with a push mower? Boy’s probably lucky HE didn’t get mowed down! EESH!

  5. Happy Birthday! I’m thinking disappointing gift here: What I received: a six million dollar man (this was the late 70s) doll and his rocket; what I wanted: The Bionic Woman doll and her beauty salon. You think my parents would have caught the hint, LOL. What does any 10 year old boy want???? 🙂

    • OMG – I don’t remember the birthday but I too got the delectable Lee Majors and his rocket – with all the weird tubes that plugged into his arms and legs. Maybe there was a shortage of Bionic Woman dolls? Cuz I never did get her, either. (And I was a girl, dammit, what was MY mom’s excuse??? lol)

  6. Happy Birthday!!!! 🙂 Best present was when I was 17(I think). My parents took me to a place where they did horse shows during dinner in Fla(kinda like dixie stampede in MB, SC). It was awesome and had a great time. Don’t even remember the actual presents lol. Love m/m stories. Gonna have to add your books to my wishlist. 🙂

    • That is such a cool way to spend a birthday! We didn’t do a lot of that stuff cuz, like I mentioned in an earlier comment, it seemed like the years from when I was 5 until I was about 16 there was a blizzard either dumping or about to dump on us.

  7. My ex gave me a barometer wrapped in Sunday comics 2 days after my birthday. There’s one reason he is an ex and there are too many more to list here.

    • Will you be offended if I say your ex was an anal hair who didn’t deserve you? xo

      • Not in the least offended, I have thought much worse about him.

      • Well, I just SAID anal hair… I THOUGHT much worse!

  8. Happy birthday VJ. My worst present was this year’s work secret Santa. Everyone picked out someone’s name to buy a gift for. I got a 2013 calendar and a mini whiteboard. At least I can use the whiteboard.

    • Oooh. Secret Santa’s can be BAD! In 12 years of doing them I had ONE stellar SS – and she was the most dour, unfriendly woman in the building. Who’d have guessed? My LAST Secret Santa gave me a shoe box full of her toddler’s OBVIOUSLY used plastic McDonald’s/Burger King/Wendy’s kids meal Christmas toys. Pure Class, that one! Of course, that year I got a woman I didn’t know at all, and all she had on her sheet was that she liked candles and to be pampered. So I bought her a box of fancy cookies, a bottle of sparkling juice and a yummy smelling candle. Apparently she spent the entire week up to the big reveal saying how she must have “some man who’s trying to get in my pants.” I always wondered, after she found out I was a woman, if she STILL thought I was cruising her! lol

  9. It’s me! Anna…Ed’s Anna…THE ANNA! Bwahahahahahaha…Yep. Happy birthday. YAY BLOG!!

    • ANNA! You’re here!!!!! Isn’t the eyecandy prettyfull!? Maybe you should keep the monitor turned away from Ed. Aw, what the hell, scroll through, find the nekkidest, lewd-est picture on there, get it full size and blow his little mind! ::Muwahahahahahah::

  10. My worst birthday was my 11th, when even my mother didn’t remember. They’ve been pretty good during my married life, though. I hope you have a good day today and see tons of naughty naked men in your thoughts, since we can’t really see them on FB. If you know of a good place to see, please please do tell 🙂

    • I spent a good part of my day wrestling with #1 Sissy over a certain AWESOME cookbook! lol And, yeah. We’re all gonna have to learn tumblr, aren’t we? Dammit!

  11. Happy birthday! I hope it’s fabulous for you. Although I’ve had many good birthdays, 2 particular birthdays come to mind when “worst” is mentioned. Why? Because my parents forgot one of my birthdays (my 10th)…which meant we didn’t celebrate it, nor did I get any gifts. I never told them or reminded them as I wasn’t much in the mood to celebrate, either. My youngest brother had just died and was being laid to rest. The other one? I spent my 20th birthday at my grandfather’s wake. When it was done, we all went to my grandma’s where they had a cake, a card and some balloons waiting for me, but still…deaths of loved ones have a way of killing the celebratory mood for me. Somehow I’ve still managed to hang on to a love of birthdays, mine in particular…though I doubt anyone would blame me if the opposite were true, too.

    • OMG – yeah, Kitt, that would definitely do it! I’m pretty blown away that you’ve kept a love of birthdays – we lost my Grandma on October 3, and my niece less than two weeks later, 9 days before her 22nd birthday – fifteen years ago now, dang! – and the entire family still sort of goes into survival mode for the month of October. Yay for you!

      • Bet you’re sorry you asked, now, huh? LOL! Just teasing. It’s always interesting to see what people come up with. Isn’t it strange how time can fly…what seems like yesterday (regarding loss) can be a hurt that’s lasted decades…I think maybe if you loved them enough, it never seems that long because their memory is always alive for you. Not in a bad way, either. My other brother died 25 years ago, but it somehow feels like it only happened a year or two ago.

      • No, you’re totally right. I’m always blown away by how open people are with their bests and worsts. I’ve participated in other contests – one recently actually – where some of the comments have brought tears to my eyes. Like the mom whose toddler daughter died over a decade ago, but every year her favorite Christmas moment is taking some quiet time and putting the little girl’s “baby’s 1st Christmas” ornament somewhere discreet on the tree… That one brought tears. I love that we can feel safe enough to share this stuff – it’s part of what makes being in this particular writing community so precious.

      • Very well put.

  12. 10 years ago. Best present ever (I thought) was signing the papers to become a home owner. Has turned into a disaster recently with the economy since I have no money to pay for the ever increasing number of repairs needed. Most recent is the water mess in the shed. Just found that over the weekend and have spent the last two days trying to get the dry stuff salvaged before really digging into all the wet stuff.

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