On The Tenth Day of Christmas…

…my true love gave to me:

Ten Tighty-Whities

tighty whitey 6 TIGHTY WHITIES 5 tighty whitey 4 Tighty-Whities_8 tighty whitey 9 BNBW-102711-011 Tighty-Whities_3 tighty whitey 2 tighty whitey 1 love is blind(That first pretty boy? He’s Leo. A character in a BDSM long novella I have out to a publisher right now. Those last two images? OMG – my FAVORITES! Can you blame me?)


Nine Naughty Nappers



Eight Edible Abs

Panorama Panorama

birthdaylicks_msr tumblr_ljtakdHFl51qd73mio1_500(Gee! How’d my book cover get in there?!)

Seven Leather Daddies (Kurt should look a bit more appreciative, here!)

glee leather daddies

Six Beautiful Boys in Bondage


Five Fingers Dipped in Chocolate (Oh, yeah. He looks like he needs help!)


Four colorful condoms (Fully Prepped and Ready to Go!)


A Grumpy Santa, A Smokin’ Drag Queen, and a new definition of Relaxing Massage, all wrapped up in my new release!


Available HERE at eXtasy Books!

Two more pretty boys kissing

Kinda Thomas and Ryan

(This is totally how I picture my Master Thomas and Ryan from my Birthday Licks, Hard Limits and Melting Quickies, which you can find by clicking on the titles).

tequila rose milkshake

And a Tequila Rose Milkshake (Which just about guarantees I’ll miss at least one more day due to extreme intoxication!)

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