Keeping Promise Rock…

KeepingPromiseRock…is one of my “go-to” books when I need a read that will absolutely absorb me, break my heart, glue it back together again, and renew my faith in the human spirit.

Love. It.

Love the whole series.

I mention it today because today is Memorial Day, and Carrick Francis will always be one of my favorite vets. I mention it because every day brave men and women stand up for freedom, not only for us, but for everyone. I mention it because Veteran Services has a wait of anywhere up to 400+ days for wounded vets – which would have sucked for Crick now, wouldn’t it? I mention it because, oh my God, Crick wouldn’t be dishonorably discharged now.

Thank you, profoundly and from the bottom of my heart to every man and woman who stands for democracy all over the world.

mem day 1

And, thanks to Amy Lane, for creating Promise Rock and the wonderful people who live there… (You can find Keeping Promise Rock, and all Amy’s other Dreamspinner titles HERE. Go. Buy them. Now._



  1. Wow. It means so much to me that you found all of this in my story– you’re so welcome. And you’re right. I’ve thought about Crick and the 400+ day wait–and it makes me furious. Our veterans deserve better.

    • Amy, you always manage to sneak four or five SIGNIFICANT ISSUES in among the angst and pain! I love that about you, lol.

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