Foxy Excerpts


As you, hopefully, know by now, I’ve been lucky enough to work with the amazing and incredible Stephani Hecht and Jackie Nacht on a Fox Shifter anthology, Three Degrees of Heat.  (On a side note, I’m considering changing my last name to something ending with “cht” just to fit in…) Well, our antho came out on April 1st HERE, at eXtasy. I hope you’ll check it out.

And, just to whet your appetite, here’s the blurb:

When Leash Alpha Joe Fields turns feral, everyone in the clan suffers, but none more so than his son Landon, and Leash Omega Scotty Stephens. After months of abuse in private, Landon escapes and Joe finally snaps, making Scotty an example in public. When Joe crosses the line from cruel to psychotic, Leash Beta Alexander “Axe” Ashe knows he has to do something. In a desperate attempt to keep Axe from unforgivable violence, his brother, Ben steps in and challenges Joe, ultimately becoming the Leash’s reluctant new Alpha. It will take the love of an unexpected Omega to heal the Leash, and the love of Axe and the youngest Ashe, Chase, to heal Joe’s most broken victims.

And here’s the first of several excerpts I’ll be sharing during the next couple of weeks:


Joe had been out of control for a long time. They had all known it, even if they hadn’t been willing to admit it. That would have required them to act and, Axe aside, they were a pretty peaceful group.

But, dammit, Axe wasn’t peaceful, and he’d known something was wrong from the first time the Alpha’s son Landon had shown up at a Leash gathering with a black eye and swollen, split lip.

Axe’s inaction had come with a high cost, though he hadn’t realized it before now. Now, at the gathering Joe had neglected to inform him of. Now, when the most gentle of them all, the pack Omega, was the living proof of the evil consuming their Alpha.

Scotty was already naked when Axe arrived. Bruises marked his pale skin, some dark purple, some fading into greenish yellow. His face was battered, his left eye angry red and swollen nearly shut.

He knelt at Joe’s feet, hands clasped behind his back, eyes cast down, head tilted to bare his throat. Everything about the boy screamed terror and submission. A surge of nausea took Axe’s breath as he realized Scotty’s mane of curly copper and gold-streaked hair was matted with blood.

He was already moving forward when Joe reached out one huge, rough hand and wrapped thick fingers around the Omega’s throat. Axe heard the gasps and tentative protests from the Leash through a buzzing in his ears. Their voices came from a distance, but somehow Scotty’s whimper of pain and fear was as clear as a bell.

Axe’s blood was rushing, his fox snarling in his head, but this wasn’t a job for the beast. This was a human problem, and the man had to deal with it.

He hadn’t taken more than two steps when he was blocked by a wall of flesh and muscle. Eyes the same bitter-chocolate as his blazed back at him as Ben grabbed his biceps, stopping him in his tracks.

“Wait,” his twin muttered, fists tightening like iron bands as Axe tried to break free of his hold. “You can’t just attack him. You know that.”

“I know he has to be stopped. Now.”

Their Alpha, seemingly oblivious to the Ashe brothers’ arrival, lifted Scotty by his grip on the boy’s throat. Axe lunged at him, but Ben’s grip held.

Joe slammed Scotty face down on the heavy oak table that dominated the room and grabbed a flail, which Axe was horrified to realize had been there just waiting for use. Axe lunged again, vaguely aware that Ben was talking, was feverishly reminding him that as much as Joe needed to be stopped, Axe couldn’t just kill him. He had a moment of grim satisfaction at the knowledge that Ben was every bit as aware as he was that Joe Fields needed to die.

He couldn’t stop, though, couldn’t listen to the voice of reason. Not when Scotty was whimpering softly in pain. Not when Joe was drawing his arm back, ready to strip the milky white skin from the Omega’s back.

Something caught his eye, a shimmer on the back of Scotty’s thigh and a streak of blood. Understanding hit him like a lightning strike, and everything went white and then blood red.

Ben had no hope of holding him now, no chance of dragging him back to sanity. Axe was in motion, leaping for the Alpha’s throat, ready to rip it out with his bare, human hands.

Joe had finally become aware of their presence and faced them, lips drawn back in an ugly snarl of rage. Axe was going to turn that snarl into a death mask.

As Axe crouched to strike, Ben slammed into him, knocking him flat on his ass. Before he could spring to his feet, his brother had planted himself between Axe and the sick bastard who needed to die right the fuck now.

“I challenge you.” Ben’s voice was firm, no hint of the rage Axe had seen in his eyes mere seconds before. “I formally challenge you for leadership of this Leash. Here. Now.”


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