Pimpin’ My Books – And How I Suck At It

So, Sierra and I have been busily re-editing and re-releasing some of our older stuff that didn’t get a lot of press the first time around. You can find ’em on Kindle, at Barnes & Noble, and on ARe. I suck at the whole pimping thing – Of course lately I’ve sucked at the whole blogging thing, so this shouldn’t come as a surprise, I guess. ANYWAY, I though I’d do a couple features of our oldies but goodies. So, first up is our paranormal (kinda), mystery/suspense (kinda) totally hot firefighter story, Let It Burn.

Let It Burn Self-Pub 1

Is that cover hot or what? (Okay, pun intended, I admit it.) Let It Burn kind of got lost in a sea of fire fighter stories that came out monthly as anthologies at its original release. We hope that with a spiffy new cover, standing all on its own hot, sexy, steamy little feet, it finds a new and excited audience. I’d almost forgotten how much I like this little story until I went back through to touch up the edits. It’s hot, and fun, and has a lot more depth than we ever expected it to.

Here’s the blurb:

When fireman Kevin Kryszenski notifies mural artist Joanna Balentine that fire has destroyed her community center classroom, they find an unexpected connection. However Joanna, an empath, frightens everyone who gets close with her insights. Kevin, uncomfortable with Joanna’s gift, tries to run from the budding romance. Over the fireworks of their searing fights, Joanna’s beauty and goodness threaten Kevin’s resolve, while Kevin’s obvious desire breaches Joanna’s carefully erected walls. Will Kevin and Joanna’s passion overcome their fears even as the fires become personal?

You can find Let It Burn on Kindle HERE. It’s available for NOOK HERE. And it’s HERE at ARe.



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