Get ready, get set, cuz I’ve got a release tomorrow – providing, of course, that the world doesn’t come to an end! Birthday Licks, the prequel to Melting, will be out at Ellora’s Cave. You can find it HERE.

birthdaylicks_msrHere’s the blurb:

What happens when an untrained submissive drops into the lap of a Dom who isn’t looking for more than a hook-up? Every “Happily Ever After” has to start somewhere. Master Thomas and his beautiful submissive Ryan are rock solid and completely committed—now—but things weren’t always so smooth. Before Thomas and Ryan could get to their Melting point, Thomas had to light the candles and Ryan had to take his Birthday Licks.

Here’s the excerpt.

By reading any further, you are stating that you are at least 18 years of age. If you are under the age of 18, it is necessary to exit this site.


Copyright © VJ SUMMERS, 2012

All Rights Reserved, Ellora’s Cave Publishing, Inc.

“You’ve dropped your position.”

The words were soft, spoken without inflection, but they struck Ryan like a blow. He jerked upright, locking his hands at the small of his back and lowering his eyes.

“I’m sorry, Sir.” Because it seemed like what he was supposed to say. “And thank you.” Because he couldn’t have borne to let Vincent touch him, and he wasn’t entirely sure he could have continued this instruction with the other Dom’s ironic commentary. And he wasn’t ready for this interlude with Thomas to end.

“Forgiven.” Thomas leaned back, crossed one ankle over the opposite knee. Ryan slanted a glance upward, trying to read the Dom’s face through his lashes. Thomas lifted his glass, a snifter with about an inch of amber-looking liquid swirling around the bottom, and Ryan had a brief moment to be grateful he hadn’t knocked Thomas’ drink flying when he’d fallen into his lap.

“So, we’ve established you don’t want Vincent to spank you.” The amusement in Thomas’ voice was so dry it was almost undetectable, but it was also about a million times more authentic than Vincent’s raucous laughter had been.

“No, Sir. I don’t want him.” Was that an invitation? A hint? Ryan thought he might have meant for it to be one. Would Thomas take him up on it?

“But you want to be spanked.” Ryan nodded slowly. “By a Mistress?” Ryan’s gaze jerked up involuntarily. Was he kidding? Thomas raised that expressive brow and Ryan lowered his eyes again.

“Hmmm.” Thomas shifted a bit. Ryan thought he might be taking a sip of his drink. “Some men, even gay men, prefer to have a Mistress. Domination and submission, while always intensely intimate, isn’t necessarily always sexual.” Thomas was silent a while, long enough that Ryan thought he should be starting to feel awkward, but somehow Thomas’ very presence kept him calm.

“So, it’s not men you object to. Just Vincent.”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Look around, beautiful. Do you see anyone who looks tempting?”

Seriously? Did Thomas seriously not feel Ryan’s entire body yearning toward him? Ryan looked obediently around the room, not really seeing anything. A flash of green near the bar might have been Tristan. A glint of silver hovering a few feet from their little nest could have been Vincent, though Ryan deliberately refused to focus on him.

Really, he didn’t want to focus on anyone at all. He wanted Thomas, and it was beyond belief that the Dom didn’t feel the thread of energy stretching between them as strongly as Ryan did.

Ryan stole another peek at Thomas, peering up while trying to hide behind the hair flopping in his eyes. Oh, no. The Dom absolutely was feeling the connection every bit as strongly as Ryan did. An erection that looked like an iron bar strained at his faded jeans, and his lips looked full and flushed. But one finger tapped restlessly against the side of his snifter as he gazed pensively into his drink rather than at Ryan.

It was awkward and embarrassing, but Ryan suspected a lot of D/s stuff would be awkward and embarrassing, probably for a good long while. The important part, he thought, was to push through the awkward and be honest. Because what was the point of any of this if he wasn’t being honest, right?

“I want it from you, Sir.” He was proud of the fact he managed to keep his voice steady. Especially when Thomas turned dark, brooding eyes in his direction.


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