Just 14 Days Left…

…to get the special Christmas edition of Derek and Elise’s story, Mistletoe and Velvet Ice! You can find it HERE at ARe (even though for some reason the cover, blurb and excerpt went bye-bye), HERE at B&N for your Nook, and HERE at Amazon for your Kindle.

Mistletoe and Velvet Ice 1Here’s the blurb:

Elise and Derek have the perfect relationship. Or so she thinks. When she discovers an invitation to a Wicked Winter Celebration at Club Velvet Ice, she begins to wonder.

Especially since it’s addressed to Master Derek. Forcing Derek to come clean about the secrets of his past also forces Elise to confront her own desires, as Derek puts her love—and her courage—to the test. Now they must discover if they have the strength to trust in their own feelings, and in each other, so their love can survive.

And an Excerpt:

Derek jerked to a halt, the breath knocked out of his lungs at the sight that awaited him. Elise, his Elise, stood displayed in the middle of the room. Her cuffed hands attached to the bar stretched her deliciously, and he devoured her with his eyes.

Starting at her white “fuck-me” boots, he let his gaze travel the length of her long, stocking encased legs. Her tiny red skirt barely covered her pussy. In fact, if she breathed too hard, he thought it might ride up and bare that sweet flesh entirely

His mouth went dry while his eyes continued to feast on her. The red bustier pushed her perfect breasts up, displaying her pale areoles. He knew that with just a little attention from his mouth they’d draw up into ripe berries. Her normally straight strawberry blonde hair was in a curly, messy pile on top of her head. Her skin glistened and her own breathing was quick and shallow as he pushed the door closed behind him

“Christ, baby. You’re beautiful.” He moved slowly to her, his steps measured as he took deep breaths. His first instinct was to turn her over his knee and spank her perfect ass until it was red and marked by his hand prints. “What are you doing, Elise?”

“I’m waiting for you to Master me.” Her voice was smoky and it drove Derek fucking nuts.

“You don’t know what you’re asking for.” He reached out a forefinger and stroked her red painted lips. He hoped she didn’t hear the desperation in his voice. He was an inch away from snapping the last thread of his rapidly fraying control. The thought was thrilling and terrifying all at the same time.

“I’m asking you to trust me with all of you.” Her blue eyes met his, filled with calm acceptance.


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