Getting Ready for RomantiCon and GRL – and Snark

So, this time tomorrow, instead of trying to type while my very large and overly affectionate cat rubs all over my hands and face, I’ll be at EC’s RomantiCon getting ready for the public book signing at the SEXpo – which I actually have TWO print books for! I’m bummed beyond words to miss the whole Con – the workshops in the past have been awesome, and the company even better. Unfortunately the demise of my day job, as acrimonious as our “relationship” was, made it necessary for me to choose, and since I’m primarily a m/m writer, business sense dictated choosing GRL and Albuquerque. Which is my other squee – Tuesday afternoon I’ll be winging my way toward New Mexico and GayRomLit! Last year was so far  beyond awesome, I can’t even begin to describe it. And, looking at the calendar, I expect this year to be even better!

So, at RomantiCon, look for me tomorrow at the public signing. I’ll be there with Sierra signing copies of Carrie’s Answer and Meredith’s Awakening. Hopefully I’ll also have cover flats for Melting and Under the Influence.

Then, if you’re at GRL next weekend, look for me there, too! I’ll be doing a reading Saturday, at 10, I think. I’ll also have copies of Velvet Memories, the last Liquid Silver “Violet Summers” book, and the most recent Scenes from Velvet Ice novella. V-M is no longer available at LSB (in fact, none of the Violet Summers are available at LSB due to a slight snafu as we re-acquired rights to our stories), so the ONLY place you’ll be able to get it is from me at GRL. (::very sad face::)

SOOOO… In honor of my RC signing this week’s snark is another clip from Daniel’s Surrender. Be warned, Daniel is a mmf menage, so you’ll find a goodly amount of boobies. In fact, this snark has some boobies, though they stay entirely covered in this clip.

The set up: Daniel is on his way to confront Matthew about their situation – Marcus’ disappearance, Marc and Daniel’s past sharing of women (including Marc’s evil ex-wife and the current love of his life), and the relationship between Matt and Daniel that Daniel is determined to deny.

Lost in thought, he wasn’t looking where he was going when he felt a bump. Hearing a small “Omph.” He looked down.

Sprawled on the floor in front of him was the most delicious pixie he’d encountered in a long while.

“You just going to stand there, or are you going to help a girl up?”

Daniel crossed his arms. Her voice was mellow. It reminded him of music. And there was something in her eyes. An openness. A calming effect when she looked at him. It warmed his insides, relieving some of the tension he’d felt just a moment before.

“Well, I don’t know,” he deliberately ran his eyes over her curvy body, “what’s my incentive for helping a damsel in distress?”

“Listen, big guy, you can’t knock a girl on her ass and expect her to help herself up. What kind of gentleman would you be?” She had the most adorable way of wrinkling her nose when she smiled. He wanted to see her smile again.

Daniel laughed, the first real one he’d had in a long time. Reaching down, he grasped her forearm, helping her to stand. He deliberately pulled too hard, causing her to stumble straight into his arms. He tightened his grip around her back. Her smell was intoxicating, her nipples, hard little nubs brushed over his chest. Thoughts of her lying between him and Matt clouded his brain. She made a small sound as she felt his erection growing.

“Angel, I’m not a gentleman of any sort.”

Daniel’s Surrender is the final book in the Corporate Affairs trilogy, available now at Ellora’s Cave. Carrie’s Answer, book one, is currently available in paperback, and Meredith’s Awakening, book two, is available as a special release tomorrow at RomantiCon (it’ll have an official release sometime in the next few months), and Daniel’s Surrender is available in ebook format, though we hope to see it in print sometime early-ish next year. Get them HERE.

I’m pretty sure I’m the only one snarking this week – everyone’s wrapped up in getting ready to travel – (I’m embarrassed to say I’ve been packed since last week…), but as always if you scroll through Marie Sexton’s website, you’ll find a linky tool with the addies of the usual snarky suspects.

So, on a final note – if you’re at RomantiCon, COME SAY HI! I’m desperately afraid Sierra and I will end up sitting alone at a table for four hours! And, if you’re at GRL, COME SAY HI! Believe it or not, when you get me IRL, I’m a bit on the shy and reclusive side. But if *you* come to *me*, I’ll be so grateful you’ll probably have a friend for life!

Safe travels to all my author and reader friends!

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